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  1. Epidural

    Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    I just started using the AccuVein about a month ago. I am pretty good at starting IVs, but many of my patients have horrible veins. I really like this vein finder. I use it about 25% of the time, and my success rate is now close to 100%. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve, but the device really isn't that hard to master. Some of my co-workers are pretty resistant to trying new things, but I think that this is just human nature. Don't be afraid to use this new technology; your "one stick" success rate will probably improve.
  2. Epidural

    2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: Central NC Experience: 35 years- BSN Specialty: GI- CGRN Certified- inpatient and outpatient workload Facility: 900 bed well respected teaching hospital -major referral center-many very sick patients-many very complicated and innovative procedures-not unusual to have to stay past end of shift for "late nurse" coverage Base Pay: $36/hour Differential: Evening shift if you work after 19:00 (about $3/hour)-no BSN diff-no certification diff-
  3. Epidural

    Compact Licensure

    To all Michigan Nurses, Representative Mary Whiteford ( a former pediatric nurse) has introduced a nurse licensure compact bill in the Michigan State Legislature. I am sure she would love to know how much support she has from Michigan nurses. Her e-mail address is: MaryWhiteford@house.mi.gov 31 states are currently members of the nurse-compact. The states of Washington, Hawaii, and Indiana all have brand new bills that are rapidly moving towards final approval. Representative Whiteford has been working hard for more than a year, to build support for her bill. I invite the state of Michigan to join the nurse-compact.
  4. Epidural

    Pennsylvania Compact State??

    Hi Karen, Thanks for the update. I was wondering about Pennsylvania, since most of the other states are either in the nurse-compact or working to get legislation passed. A few state nursing boards openly oppose compact licensure (Ohio, Oregon, Alabama, and Rhode Island) for various reasons, but nurses in Pennsylvania and Connecticut have been pretty quiet about this issue. I would like to invite Pennsylvania to join the nurse-compact. I have had a compact license for a decade now, and find that it makes my professional life much easier. In fact, the Colorado BON felt so strongly about keeping it's nurse-compact status, that it hired a marketing-lobbyist team to get the bill through the Colorado state legislature in just a few weeks. This plan worked; Colorado is now a member of the "new and improved" nurse-compact.
  5. Epidural

    Pennsylvania Compact State??

    The first place to check for information on whether on not Pennsylvania has an eNLC bill is www.ncsbn.org Then try the Pennsylvania State Board Of Nursing website. Also, look for information on the Pennsylvania State Nurses' Association website. Rebecca Fotsch (at the National Council Of The State Board Of Nursing) is one of the main people in charge of arranging for lobbyists to work with state legislators to get a nurse compact licensure bill passed. I have NEVER seen any information about the Pennsylvania BON supporting the compact. I have also never seen any information that they oppose the compact. Many states are now actively pursuing compact status. 31 states are members of the nurse compact, and about 10 more should join within the next two years. I would write letters to the president of the Pennsylvania BON, and to members of your state legislature who seem to support health related bills. The more letters they receive, the more they will realize that we nurses really want the compact in every single one of our states. Currently the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan all have active eNLC bills. The states of Vermont, New York, Indiana, Alaska, Nevada, Hawaii, California, and Washington all have groups who are actively pushing for eNLC bills in their state legislatures. All 50 states will eventually join the compact ; Pennsylvania would be a welcome addition to the ever expanding nurse licensure compact.