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  1. ChristmasNurse

    my office is NOT a nap room!

    Love it. I had a little one come to see my straight off the bus. He looked very distraught and told me "I was cozy in my bed and my mom woke me up". I sympathetically said "I don't have a cure for that". Cutie pie said "ok thanks" and walked a way dejectedly.
  2. ChristmasNurse

    Attendance Overboard

    She probably would if she didn’t live frenzied. Im usually pretty good about not letting that effect me, but it’s flu season....which is coinciding with truancy meetings.
  3. ChristmasNurse

    Sick of nurses "referring" to our specialty

    People think that until they’ve tried it. I know plenty of critical care nurses who subbed as a school nurse one day and said “there’s a lot of responsibilities in that job”. I was a float nurse at the hospital so I’m used to hearing other nurses say what other specialties are easier - ICU nurses believed PACU nurses didn’t do anything, ER thought ICU was a bunch of control freaks with an easy two patient load, tele looked down on the poor overextended (yet versatile) med-surg nurses, everyone looked down on the psyche nurses....it was absurd.
  4. ChristmasNurse

    Attendance Overboard

    Curious how everyone here deals with this: My principal is nuts about attendance. I’ve had several kids with flu whose parents are afraid to keep kids home because they don’t want to get in trouble for excessive absences. I’ve sent kids home with high fevers and she’ll tell them on the way out to be back by tomorrow. Every notice that goes home has some in your face or subtle message to be at school every day. I can go on and on with examples. I get that our state had some ridiculous rules regarding attendance. But will anyone stand up for common sense In the name of kids health? Aaaaahhhhhh!!!
  5. ChristmasNurse

    5th Disease rash... Exclude or not?

    I sent some kids home this week....sort of. I called to give parents the heads up and they decided to come get them.
  6. ChristmasNurse

    I don’t know if I like school nursing

    When I started, I had kids running in to use the bathroom. The custodians even started locking the bathrooms the kids should have been using because the kids would just come to the nurse. I started passive aggressively by just closing the door and keeping it closed throughout the day. If a kid asked, I'd either flat out say no or told them "sick people have been using that and I don't think you want to". A few sweet kids, I even walked down to the hallway bathroom they had access to. It took a little but it worked. As for all the frequent flyer nonsense visits, demand a pass for each kid and put an end to kids coming from the lunch room. If a para, teacher or administrator asks -- just tell them there were a ton of HIPPA violations going on when you arrived at this job and it needs to stop. You have students with chronic conditions and they are entitled to privacy. BTW, if you have a mean reputation - then GOOD JOB!!
  7. ChristmasNurse

    Food Intolerance Parent Questionnaire

    No. Non-sanctioned health questionnaires are frowned upon by my supervisor for the liability we open ourselves up to. In my school, we already have enough questionable "allergies" and "intolerances" that doctors will sign off on. I've been at this only a year and I can't even count the medically documented dairy allergies we abide by, but then the parent shows up angry because the kid was denied pizza at lunch.
  8. ChristmasNurse

    Do you ever miss bedside?

    What a great read this thread was! So many eloquent posts I can relate to. I don't want to say I love my school nursing job because I'm annoyingly superstitious and don't want it to come crashing down. But those that hear me talk about the work likely see that I do love it. Plus being home with my family on weekends and evening is wonderful. I do miss my twisted night shift crew at the hospital, the skills, the constant gaining of knowledge, and the rush. But I don't miss the dangerous staffing ratios, lifting heavier and heavier patients, the non-compliant frequent flyers, the detoxers, or the oncoming day shift nurse pouting that I didn't complete the first three hours of her shift. I've had a few rushes in school nursing (which can be darn scary on my own). But other school nurses in district are just as helpful, knowledgeable and fun. The knowledge is different but still interesting (childhood diabetes and asthma are quite different than the usuals I dealt with at the hospital). While I rarely felt like an educator at the hospital, I can get through to the kids at school and and their parents...I'm in a low income area where parents need help and direction, but really are doing their best and are appreciative. Plus being home with my family on weekends and evening is wonderful. After doing nights for so long, I needed this routine. I'm sure I'll have a bigger appreciation over the next month when I don't have to work a twelve after a night of holiday celebrations!
  9. ChristmasNurse

    High School Sports Physicals

    I actually enjoyed doing the physicals when I was floated to a high school. Of course, the kids came to the nurse first to get cleared and get a pass to tryout. But boy, did I learn that even the best kids are great liars. LOL
  10. ChristmasNurse

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I'm in a high needs system where nursing turnover is high for many reasons. But I have noticed that a good number of those that have grown to hate their jobs, are the ones who were doing a ton of non-nursing related things. I took over for one and it hasn't been easy...especially the wet clothing. I'm gettin there, but there always seems to be one staff member who hasn't gotten the message yet.
  11. ChristmasNurse

    Parents be like...

    Student brought in Asthma Action Plan without med, said mom would bring inhaler in. I look and see only mom signed form, no doctors info or signature. Mom has yet to return call.
  12. ChristmasNurse

    Why is it a struggle right before summer break?

    This is so awesome to hear. I'm winding up my first year and the kids are just tearing each other apart. Top it off with one particular teacher who tries to palm off a behavior problem on me, well....grrrrr.
  13. ChristmasNurse

    Kids & chest pain

    I had a fifth grade kid come in last week with right sided chest pain. Vitals were fine but he was both guarding and clenching the upper pec. This was also a child I never see. I was pretty sure it was some sort of GERD or gas issue. Since he was so uncomfortable, I called the parent who came and got him. The child was back in school the next day and fine according to his teacher. But let me tell you....over the next few days, "chest pain" was the cause of a lot of visits for fifth grade flyers.
  14. ChristmasNurse

    Rules for next year

    I'm new to this job and I've been putting an end to lunch time visits without passes unless I sense it's urgent. Those kids that get through recess and lunch just fine and then have a headache right before class starts...aye.
  15. ChristmasNurse

    Bed Bugs- parents don't think it's a big deal

    In my district, it has to be reported to the health department if bed bugs are found on a student. They handle the home situation.

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