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    JenH3 reacted to BirkieGirl in Any Graceland post master FNP students here?   
    I will be applying to a few programs in the next month, some DNP programs and some post-MSN certificate programs, but all for FNP preparation.
    I would love opinions of the Graceland post master's certificate program- specifically how much TIME did you find you had to give to each class/semester, etc? I work full time in a leadership role (but still 3 shifts a week) and want to make sure i'll be able to actually pull this off! Also, how exactly do they do tests and such?
    I have a lot of years of nursing experience but I am a bit nervous about the whole thing. One program is fairly close to home and will have some on campus component which is ok because you get to meet each other and form some study groups...
    Any input about the program at Graceland would be great!