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  1. Anybody who got accepted in the UOPX MSN-FNP program for this 2019 March or June cohort. I'll be nice to get to know each other and we can network and help each other out for the course. thanks and merry Christmas to all !!!
  2. juju4nurses

    Passed ANCC FNP exam today

    You guys are great ! Thank you very much for sharing. When I am closer to my goal I will contributing here as well to help out others !!!
  3. juju4nurses

    Passed AANP boards - July 2018! Here's how!

    congratulations. thank you for sharing your experience. my journey will start next year and i hope to be able to contribute my experience as well when the time comes.
  4. I 2nd your question aiker '71 Hope someone can share a little insight on UOPX...specially those that graduated from the program. Tnx
  5. juju4nurses

    Fastest, cheapest Rn to MSN online program

    Hello Try looking into UOPX University of Phoenix Adn-msn they have many sub specialties for msn