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    Rellenor got a reaction from abcdenrse in UMass Boston ABSN Summer 2019   
    I'm going to be waiting for a letter to confirm anything, but if this latest status update is just random and doesn't even mean anything, then the choice of words ('Congratulations') is extremely poor. Congratulations on what? Not getting in?
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    Rellenor reacted to sjh5921 in UMass Boston ABSN Summer 2019   
    I was also accepted and got my letter on Christmas Eve! I paid my deposit as well. Definitely interested in a facebook group. I'm happy to create one if no one already has!
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    Rellenor reacted to chiiou0706 in UMass Boston ABSN Summer 2019   
    I got acceptance letter in 12/24/2018. It’s a white big letter and you can see “You are in “ on the letter ! I paid 200 dollars student doposit in 1/4/2019 to accept the admission and reserve the seat. I logged in my account and I found my admission status updated and showed “New Student”. I found a site called MyUMB portal and I created an account then I see more admission detail in it. Everyone who got accepted could try. Unfortunately the MyUMB portal site is down now. 
    Can’t wait too see all you guys soon !!
    We should open up a Facebook group soon and share some info. 
    Congradulations to others who got accepted, too !!