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  1. Is anyone actively applying to SPSON for the May semester? I was told they were having an information session tomorrow at 10 (Staten Island location) and was wondering if anybody else would be in attendance. I believe they also are having one today at 4 or something.
  2. garnet83


    I'm surprised this thread is still going strong.
  3. garnet83

    Non-traditional ASN student...

    I'm not a nurse, but likewise, will be embarking on a new nursing journey this spring. I'm also in my mid-twenties. YouTube has been incredible for me, there are thousands of videos with tips on how to study, what to be prepared and look out for in nursing school, even supplies that helped with studying and time management. One nurse I follow on YT, has a child, and worked full time, so even though it seems daunting, I'm sure you'll do well. Just start practicing your time management from now. Be prepared so you don't have to get prepared. Watch some day in the life videos, study with me vids, how I study vids. Whatever comes to your mind. Also getting familiar with this sites, there is already a ton of valuable information. Good luck.
  4. garnet83

    Profanity in the workplace

    Who cares? It's apart of the atmosphere. You work in healthcare, tensions, anger and frustration from staff, patients and their families is bound to happen. It just comes with the territory in my opinion. I guess this would bother a much older or reserved crowd more. I can't see many my age being worried about people cursing when they're busy trying to save lives and have a million other pertinent, pressing matters to attend to.
  5. garnet83

    St. Paul school of nursing 2019

    Hey there. What I know about the shuttle is what I've read from reading about everything SPSON related on this site. The shuttle picks you up from Atlantic Ave/Barclay center station in Brooklyn. Apparently, the ride is then 35 minutes to the school. I got that info from a thread about the school for 2017 semester. And my aunt's coworker who went to SPSON also said the same. They didn't mention anything about the schedule though, and perhaps you can call the school to inquire? Your friend who went to Swedish wouldn't recommend it?
  6. garnet83

    Swedish Institute?

    Ah, okay. That makes sense. Naps are certainly going to be a must for you. I hope you catch every parking spot if you do decide to drive lol.
  7. garnet83

    St Pauls School of Nursing

    Thanks, and same to you!
  8. garnet83

    Swedish Institute?

    Oh yeah, the Bronx is definitely a hell of a commute! I don't think I could function after starting work at 6:45am and then going to class, so more power to you! It seems like the parking at the Queens campus might be a bit of a doozy as well. How long will it take you to get from the BX to QNS?
  9. garnet83

    St Pauls School of Nursing

    Staten Island campus, for May. Can't wait to get the process started!
  10. garnet83

    Swedish Institute?

    I don't drive. But I've heard and read on a few of these forums that there's a bus that picks up students from Atlantic Ave/Barclay Center train station that takes students to the school.
  11. garnet83

    St Pauls School of Nursing

    Congrats to you Valerie! I haven't applied yet, but hoping to do so soon. I've just been putting spson in the search feature and reading every thread I possibly can about the process and how to be prepared. How was the testing portion for you? And which site were you accepted to? I've also been reading that not everyone gets interviewed by the President. But be prepared to be asked what you offer to the program, why you're interested in the program and what your goals are. Essentially job interview questions.
  12. garnet83

    Swedish Institute?

    I'm interested in the SI campus. Day classes. Hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot by choosing SI and not Queens lol. I'll be commuting from Brooklyn.
  13. garnet83

    Swedish Institute?

    Yeah, agreed. Congrats on getting into SP though. I really hope I can get through in May. I have to wait until late December to apply since I'll be out of the country. So will you be taking evening classes in SP? And which site accepted you?
  14. garnet83

    Swedish Institute?

    How come you decided with SI against SP? I've been looking at both since I want to go for May, and I know that SP is not ACEN accredited while SI is, but I've been borderline stalking the alumni lol and it seems like many of them had no issues obtaining their BSN. I've had a harder time tracking down SI alumni, or finding out information about where they do their clinicals and reviews on the program itself.
  15. garnet83

    Any Over 30 Pre-Nursing Students Here?

    I'm not into my 30's yet but it's great to read stories about people who are and are getting into nursing!