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  1. Jpiittmann97

    Procedures as an FNP

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone who's a FNP has been trained in procedures by the doctor they work with. Any procedures, like biopsies, paracentesis, etc. Thank you!
  2. Jpiittmann97

    Columbus State University FNP Spring 2019

    Yes, that is the order. The school gives you a list of previously used preceptors, which is helpful if you're in the areas with previous students, unfortunately I haven't found a lot of use. CSU is super hard to find info on though, which is why I initially came here. So I try to keep it updated with responses because I didn't have a lot of info either. You need 45 hrs for health assessment and diagnostic/clinical reasoning, 135 hours for other semesters (45 in OB/GYN and 90 in Peds) and 270 hours for your practicum (specialize for 100 hrs if wanted and 20 hrs for review are counted). Hope this helps!!
  3. Jpiittmann97

    Columbus State University FNP Spring 2019

    Hi! I am currently in the geriatric semester. You are able to use a family practice and only see people 55 and older. I did not find any problems finding a preceptor there, but the pediatric and OB/GYN rotation has been hard (I live in Florida, so we have a lot of elderly and not so many children I guess LOL). I still haven't found a pediatrician. The general setup is having didactic and clinical together. My first semester I only had didactic classes without clinicals and after that the clinicals started. I think it all depends on when you start the program too. So far I have had a positive experience and have 2 semesters after this one. If you have any other questions, I'll try to answer. Good luck and congratulations!!
  4. Jpiittmann97

    Columbus State University FNP Spring 2019

    Hey! I'm in Florida, so I can't help you there, but so far I've enjoyed the program. The hardest part is finding a preceptor, but that's with many of the schools. I would recommend the program so far, I'm 2 semesters in and starting my 3rd soon. I haven't had any issues with the school or instructors so far. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I'll answer the best I can!