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  1. chainurse22

    Insulin admin question

    Thank you :)
  2. chainurse22

    Insulin admin question

    Hello! For some reason, insulin administration and I sometimes don't click, and I really want to have a hold on this before I begin to care for patients on my own. I understand how to administer insulin, I just struggle with the WHY behind some of the rules. So the hospital I am starting at uses bolus and correction dosing. During our orientation, they stressed that when giving a correction dose, you have to use the PRE-MEAL blood sugar. If you take the patient's blood sugar after they eat, you cannot give the correction dose. I follow the rule, but it confuses me a bit. Why can't we use the post-meal sugar for correction dosing? Would that cause the pt to bottom-out or might the correction dose not be high enough? Maybe I am overthinking it, but I appreciate all answers, thank you!! :)