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    Anyone done NIWH Whole Health Educator program?

    There is much confusion regarding the use of NPI numbers for nurses. The NPI number is a unique identification number for an individual nurse's services to be billed and reimbursed for. Unless a nurse is a nurse practitioner, the NPI that is available to all licensed nurses is for the billing of medical nursing services only and is used in a doctor led medical practice or environment It does not apply to any additional alterative modalities that an individual state license (scope of practice) might allow a nurse to practice privately in her state. Many nurses mistakenly believe they can create a private practice that uses their nursing NPI number. This is not correct and unfortunately attempting to do so can get them in legal trouble. The nurse NPI (except for NPs) is for the medical services he/she provides in a medical setting only. Some nurses also believe they can bill for private coaching services. However, coaching services are not a billable, reimbursable service and when billed for can flag an audit and result in numerous issues for the nurse. The National Institute of Whole Health, the only nationally accredited and recognized Patient Health Education program in the US, qualifies licensed nurse professionals to receive a secondary provider status, additional Scope of Practice and receive an NPI number specifically for patient health education. Professional liability insurance for this specialty is also available and NIWH provides a billing manual and individual consult with a nationally credentialed billing and coding compliance officer. This is a huge topic as holistic and health and wellness nurses experience frustration in creating a private practice in this area of care. NIWH is being requested to provide seminars for nursing groups to help them understand the various aspects of private practice billing. Here is additional information about patient health education:5 Star Quality Care Through Patient Engagement - Webcasts - PatientEngagementHIT 5 Star Quality Care Through Patient Engagement Posted on May 15, 2018 The healthcare industry's shift from volume to value puts increasing pressure on providers to improve both care quality and patient experience. Patient education plays a critical role in determining positive patient outcomes, but education is only effective when patients are engaged in the right way. Educating providers and administrative staff on the factors influencing patient activation is essential to improvement engagement of individual patients and patient populations. In this webinar, Nathan Newman, MD, FAAFP, of WellMed Medical Management Inc., details strategies to enhance quality of care through patient engagement as providers help patients live healthier lives through preventive care. Learning Objectives: Define patient activation and patient engagement Describe how patient activation drives better health outcomes and lowers healthcare costs Measure the success of communications to patients