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  1. Hi, I currently hold Texas nursing license. I am planning to move to Arizona for a new job starting March. I was looking up information about transferring nursing license because I am moving to Arizona permanently (my primary residence will be Arizona). When can I apply license endorsement? Can I apply before getting an address in Arizona or getting Arizona driver license? And anyone knows how long generally endorsement takes?
  2. boogerking5

    Relocating from Texas to California

    Thank you for the comment. I have another question. My birthday is in Nov and if I start endorsement process, which takes 3-4 weeks(will be completed around early November), will I get the license that will expires in that month that I have to renew right away, or get the one expiring November 2020?
  3. boogerking5

    Relocating from Texas to California

    Hi, I am planning to relocate to California from Texas. I am a new nurse and has been working on medical surgical unit for about 4 months. I used to live in California with my family and moved to Texas because of my husband's work and want to go back to take care of my family. I am planning to get some experience here(about a year) and then move. I am researching CA license endorsement and others. But my major concern is how to apply for a job in California while I am working in Texas. Is it common for facilities to hire nurses out of state? I don't know... I feel kinda lost, so if anyone has an experience related to my situation, I would love to get some advice. Thank you!!!!!!