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  1. svetlana36

    School nursing?

    Are you in Florida? The only issue I see is direct supervision, which if you are passed the three year mark, wouldn’t even apply.
  2. I have not and I've been in monitoring for about a year and a half. But I still freak out over it regularly. I just started a job and my new worry is the alcohol based hand sanitizer but I get tested after a night of working and it was fine. I don't completely avoid alcohol based products like the hand sanitizer, bug spray, sun block and such. But I do try and limit them and use alcohol free products when available .
  3. svetlana36

    Alcohol free hand sanitizer

    I've been asking at my nursing support group and have also been getting mixed responses. I think I will try my best to used good old soap and water, and if that is not always possible then look into an alcohol free foam. Thanks to all who responded.
  4. svetlana36

    Alcohol free hand sanitizer

    Hello all! I am about to start working on a med/surg unit this week. I am concerned about the frequency with which I will be expected to use the alcohol based foam for hand hygiene. The facility does not want nurses to use hand sanitizers not provided by or approved by them. I am just curious what other people are doing. Do you wash your hands with soap and water each time in place of the alcohol based product? Or has anyone had any luck getting a non alcohol based product approved? Any insight would be appreciated.
  5. svetlana36

    2 offers may result in no job....

    Lol! Thank you!
  6. svetlana36

    2 offers may result in no job....

    Update! The first offer went through! I start orientation tomorrow morning.
  7. svetlana36

    2 offers may result in no job....

    So the second offer was rescinded already. Once the nurse manager contacted IPN, they stated they overlooked the narcotic restriction in my contract, which I had previously sent them. So as long as I pass the background check for the first offer I'm good to go. I just have know idea what they check for, and a good friend had her offer rescinded from the same company a day before orientation was meant to start. It's just all a big unknown still and I'm just praying the offer sticks. My orientation is meant to start Monday so I'm hoping if I don't hear anything by then I'm good to go. I also am still interviewing, I have one on Friday.
  8. svetlana36

    Finally working again!

    I'm in the same boat, have had numerous offers rescinded due to either supervision issues or unable to honor the narcotic restriction. I think I'm up to five offers taken back at this point. I still have one pending so fingers crossed. But I thought the same thing, about taking an LPN position but is that possible if you are licenses as an RN?
  9. svetlana36

    IPN Florida Nurses 2018

    I can't vote but just wanted to share my most recent Peth test experience. I had my blood drawn and right before she wiped the site with alcohol, and as she was drawing it she says to me, "I don't think I was supposed to clean your arm with alcohol". And I'm just looking at her like how would I know? So she draws my blood, puts it down, leaves the room and like 20 minutes later she apologizes and says the site needs to be clean with betadine. And I'm just like whatever draw it again, I don't care! So she cleans the site with betadine but she drew it in the same spot that was previously swabbed with alcohol, so I don't even know if it made a difference. Do I need to have a Ph D in chain of custody and Peth collection to ensure I don't have a false positive? So annoying!
  10. svetlana36

    2 offers may result in no job....

    After applying and interviewing for eight long months, I have finally got an offer with a hospital that has even been cleared by IPN. However, I am nervous about clearing the background check because my monitoring in a previous state is through the BON, so the details are public. I accepted that offer a week ago and am patiently waiting to NOT here back that I failed the background check when BAM! I get another offer yesterday for a different hospital. I am awaiting IPN clearance on that one but the problem is I would prefer to keep the first offer as it is nights, so I won't have to deal with juggling work and drug testing. And the even bigger problem is the second offer wants me to sign paperwork today and start orientation on Monday! I'm afraid if I pass up the second offer now, I have over a week before the first offer orientation would start and if something goes wrong with that I could still end up jobless! The anxiety is real people. Sorry if this is a messy rambling rant but I just don't know what to do!
  11. svetlana36

    Quitting IPN

    There is a way to "toll" an order which basically means put it on hold. I did that when I moved out of state temporarily because I couldn't afford the fees. It's worth looking into and keep in mind I'm not a lawyer so I could be spelling that legal term incorrectly.
  12. svetlana36

    Quitting IPN

    I quit HAVEN, the monitoring program in Connecticut back in 2011. Decided it was a mistake in 2013 and it took me until 2017 to get my license active again. I would stick with it if you can but I totally get the urge to run but it's such a pain if you ever decide to go back!