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  1. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    Was is a 3 leaf or 4 leaf clover???? I mean a 3 leaf is right up there with Ebola but a 4 leaf is good luck!
  2. EnoughWithTheIce

    What's the oddest thing you've done for a student?

    This thread jinxed me!!! I just had 3 giggling 6th graders come to the clinic. 2 carrying a binder that was attached to the 3rd girl's hair. I legit barely touched the strand of hair and it slipped right out!! I must have some magic fingers......
  3. EnoughWithTheIce

    What's the oddest thing you've done for a student?

    I was called to a classroom (after taking the 2nd bite of my lunch) because a student's finger was stuck in her desk. I get there, look under the desk and student's finger hooked in a metal piece underneath. Here's the deal - the hole is way bigger than her finger. All I did was tell her to pull it out and she did. Guys, I could have probably fit my finger in there with hers and still not gotten stuck. The teacher asked me why I was not taking student back to clinic with me for further treatment??Uggghhhhh!!
  4. EnoughWithTheIce

    I just told a parent

    Good for you!!! I think society / school climate has brought us to a point where we fear being honest with parents. They do pay us for our professional opinion so we are doing an injustice if do not speak up.
  5. EnoughWithTheIce

    Complaint of the Day

    Seriously???? NO!!!! Tell her when you get home. I had one come in looking for a bag to carry her neck pillow in. My plastic wal-mart bags were not to her liking. I used some of that therapeutic silence we have been discussing until she took the hint and went away. Sorry honey, I just ran out of the last of my Luis Vuittons!!!!
  6. EnoughWithTheIce


    I am in middle school where kids switch classes. I usually pull from 1 core subject. I usually do English but you could pick math, science - whichever set of teachers are willing to volunteer. If they are all in PE - that may be a good choice too.
  7. EnoughWithTheIce

    Family sues school district for death

    Yes to all of the above!!! Many, many times notes make it to me after the fact. It just irks me, if your child desperately needs an accommodation, pick up the phone and call somebody or walk them in the building and make sure it is taken care of. Kids are kids and really should not be responsible for delivering important documents / info. We really don't know enough details to know exactly what happened or who is to blame. I am thinking it is a series of unfortunate events.
  8. EnoughWithTheIce

    Student sues Health Dept. (2nd verse, same as the first)

    I really wish anti vaxers would have to sit through at least an hour long class before they were even provided the exemption form!!!
  9. EnoughWithTheIce

    Student sues Health Dept. (2nd verse, same as the first)

    I just took this directly from the Kentucky immunization website. Once again, you signed form in front of notary agreeing to the terms outlined!!!! Due to my religious beliefs, I object to my child receiving the required immunizations selected above. I am aware that if I change my mind, I can rescind this objection and obtain immunizations for my child. Initials ______________  Additional information about vaccine preventable diseases, immunizations and reduced or no cost immunization services is available from the local health department in each county. To be completed by Notary Public  In the event that the county health department or state health department declares an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease for which proof of immunity for a child cannot be provided, he or she may not be allowed to attend childcare or school for up to three (3) weeks, or until the risk period ends. STATE OF ) COUNTY OF ) Subscribed, sworn to or affirmed under oath and acknowledged before me, a Notary Public in and for the state and county aforesaid by ________________________, on this the __________ day of _____________________, 20_______. Child’s Name Last First Middle Child’s Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY
  10. EnoughWithTheIce

    What the Buckeye?

    Uggg, NOOOO!!! My view on giving info on how to get an immunization exemption is the same as how I feel about lice. DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL!!! Now, if someone asks me specific info, etc - I will be happy to share my knowledge and expertise.
  11. EnoughWithTheIce

    Interview with athletic director

    Just curious - did you mean Athletic Trainer????? In my experience, athletic directors have just the typical CPR, first aid every 2 years that all coaches have. I have yet to meet one that can even tell a kid to pinch their nose during a nosebleed or be bothered with handing out a band-aid for a tiny scratch.
  12. EnoughWithTheIce

    "You can't fix stupid!"

    YESSSSSS!!! I have a co-worker who has not vaccinated her kids because she "does not like the idea of introducing foreign substances." However, she is constantly at the pediatrician demanding antibiotics. Plus, she is always on the bandwagon of whatever the latest "homeopathic" remedy may be............. Unfortunately, in school nursing "you can't fix stupid AND you can't even sedate it either."
  13. EnoughWithTheIce


    Personally, I think it is good for schools to occasionally not have a nurse for the day! It helps them appreciate us more.
  14. EnoughWithTheIce

    Anti-vax parents sue to keep kids in school

    Our exemption form in Texas states the following: "I further understand my child may be excluded from school attendance in times of emergency or epidemic declared by the Commissioner of Public Health." Notarized signature - parent has agreed to terms set forth!!
  15. EnoughWithTheIce

    Countdown to Spring Break.....

    3 hours and 2 minutes for me!!! Thank goodness..................