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  1. mmjsc


    Hi, everyone. My residency program starts next month and it will be for a year. I am not sure of the other details yet about how many weeks for the classes, etc. I am really making this post to ask for any advice or tips before my starting date so I am more prepared for this job? I am still not sure what to expect. I interviewed with the Critical Care medical director, the department is Med Surg Neuro, and in my offer letter, the position is for RN Residency - Neuro Progressive Care. I will see how this goes, but any message for me would be great!
  2. mmjsc

    Florida New Grad pay rate

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did find the information about this when I spoke with a recruiter at the hospital. Hopefully my pay rate will increase too, if possible in less than a year. lol
  3. mmjsc

    New Grad pay in Jax area

    Any updates regarding pay?
  4. mmjsc

    Florida New Grad pay rate

    Hey, everyone. I am curious now that I finally got a job offer this morning how much is the pay rate in FL for the nurse residency or entry level nurses BSN , especially in Jacksonville without any experience healthcare related? I got really excited, accepted the offer right away through the phone, and I felt I should have tried to negotiate. I am not sure how that would work though since I only have one other job which is as a cashier. :'( I am now only waiting for my job offer email letter. :/ P.S I have to move from another state so see?
  5. mmjsc

    New grad RN salary

    Thank you!
  6. mmjsc

    First job as an RN

    Is it hard to get in to an ICU as a new grad?
  7. mmjsc


    I heard Baptist South Florida (the one in Miami) is the best, if not one of the top hospitals in the state.
  8. mmjsc

    New grad RN salary

    I have a quick question. Does all new grad starts with the same pay rate or it depends on what unit or department you will be assigned? If it matters, I am specifically talking about Florida and one who has BSN. Thanks!
  9. mmjsc

    Nurse pay in Jacksonville?

    Does the pay also depends on what unit or area you worked in or it is the same for all new grads?
  10. mmjsc

    Baptist (Jacksonville) advice....

    How was it? Did you get hired?
  11. mmjsc

    Med Surg Neuro

    Thank you! I have a follow up interview with the med director of critical care. I hope I can do this! I didn't expect there would be another interview.
  12. mmjsc

    Keep the faith..My success story on passing NCLEX

    Congrats and good luck on your future endeavours!
  13. Don't give up. Some people passed after trying more than 10 times and still find a job. You can do it!
  14. mmjsc

    NCLEX Review

    Try uworld and remar
  15. mmjsc

    HURST vs KAPLAN live review

    I never tried Hurst but I did Kaplan. It is really more of a preference.