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  1. christyRN70

    ECPI Nursing Program in Charlotte NC ???

    Hello, I just posted on another blog but I wanted to share here too. I'm in the RN program and I hope to continue with ECPI to finish my BSN and MSN. ECPI is a little pricey but you can offset the price by doing a little homework. Check to see if your job or spouse's job has a partnership with ECPI. My husband works for a company that partners with ECPI and I was able to receive a discount of 15% off tuition. Look everywhere for scholarships. Banks, jobs, frito lay, coke, nurse.org, etc.. Everywhere. Some are offered year round. My coworkers think its hilarious how dedicated I am and how much time I spend looking for scholarships. I can promise you I will have the last laugh. LOL. I work as a PCT/monitor tech at a local hospital. I was able to snag help with tuition reimbursement and also another scholarship my employer offered. I didn't qualify for help with grants so I was very important I tried different resources to help off set the tuition. Another good thing is the government offers perks for you if you work for state affiliated places (state hospitals, home health, schools -school nursing, dss, jails, etc). Google William T Ford public loan forgiveness. This one does require you to make 120 payments but after that all student loan is forgiven. One of my co-workers had about $55,000 in student debt. She paid $6,500 of student loans and the remainder $48,500 was erased. I plan to do the same and I am hoping that will make it easier to obtain my BSN and MSN without a huge amount of student loans.
  2. christyRN70

    Has anyone graduated from ECPI Registered Nursing Program

    I am in the RN program in Charleston SC. My plan is to continue with ECPI if they offer the BSN and MSN and complete it with them. I love ECPI's accelerated RN program. Hospitals only look to see if you passed the NCLEX. I have not heard of any problems from previous graduating classes and finding jobs. I choose ECPI because of the accelerated program, no waiting list, and small class-teacher ratio. As far as the pricing goes it is a little pricey but there are ways to offset the price. Look everywhere for scholarships. And I mean everywhere!! Did I say look everywhere for scholarships!! The hospital I work at offers tuition reimbursement. Although it covers a portion of the tuition, the tuition reimbursement was a huge help. I was also able to snag a scholarship that helped. I still continuously look for scholarships. There are many out there that are "last chance" that offer scholarships around the year. The price is different with everyone. It depends if you are able to get a grant also. I did not qualify for a grant. Also check into programs like William T Ford- student loan forgiveness. After you graduate If you work for a state facility (hospital, school, clinic, jail, dss, home health, etc) the William T ford public student loan forgiveness they will forgive the remainder of your student loans after a certain amount of time (usually a few years). Google William T Ford.