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Luchador has 5 years experience as a CNA, EMT-B.

I was a high school English teacher for a number years. Currently I'm in an ADN program. Volunteer EMT with various ambulance companies

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  1. Luchador

    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    You can't win with these ***es
  2. Luchador

    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    I would be sure to have your little notebook out and take notes of the feedback they give you. Seriously it sounds like you have some good nurses there but some evil ones too. I do pretty much everything you do and have never gotten anything but fantastic performance evaluations. Good luck!
  3. Luchador

    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    Posts like this make me so glad I am a male nursing student in my last year. I do pretty much everything the original poster does, even carry around a tiny notebook I write things in and stick in my pocket, a habit from my ambulance days. I never get any grief at all. I don't understand male nursing students that feel like they are being discriminated against. From what I can tell we don't get any of the b******* that many of the female nurslings get. But that is a topic for another thread. And to those that have a problem with nursing students asking questions in front of a patient, I stopped my clinical instructor from making a med error and pushing the wrong IV Med by realizing that it was not the right Med and asking her her if it was the right generic name for the med. I suppose I could have waited until she pushed it and we left a room and then ask her, " do you realize you just made a med error?"
  4. Luchador

    Spouse of nurse

    When I was a teacher I made about half of my wife's salary. It will be the same or worse when I start nursing. I'm glad she didn't think like the op!
  5. Luchador

    Med Math

    With those grades, more than capable. It's really not so bad once you get your head around proportions and dimensional analysis.
  6. Luchador

    Fishy, illegitimate contract..?

    So I just had an interesting conversation with my lawyer buddy. I pulled up the original post and showed him it. He said that parts of it are legitimate and parts of it are not. Obviously saying you cannot disclose secrets to law enforcement is absurd. He said that they had the original poster write the contract out herself because it is so ridiculous and shady and crooked that if they go to court they can say of course she knew what was in it you can see she wrote it herself. The original poster cannot claim that she was duped because she wrote the stupid, shady absurd, contract out with her own hand
  7. Luchador

    Fishy, illegitimate contract..?

    The whole thing just seems weird as hell. If my new employer asked me to hand write my contract on paper to his dictation and put in weird stuff like that I would laugh in his face get up and walk away.
  8. Luchador

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    I am curious as to what you think the possible outcomes are of giving a patient an IV paralytic and then extubating the patient. I am grateful for your thoughts because they illustrate how a go along mentality could cause a nurse to lose his license or even end up behind bars.
  9. Luchador

    I always get called if someone is sick

    I will never understand why people answer the phone if work is calling them on a day off. Do people think they are calling to tell them that you are getting a huge raise? Are they calling to tell you that you you get the next week off on paid vacation as a bonus? I don't think so. Just don't answer if work calls. And if they b**** and say didn't you get the message or three that I left? Just cheerfully say "nope I must have missed it " Edit. Try "gosh I get so many robo calls leaving messages that I only check my voicemail once a week. Maybe we should pay staff to be on call so that way if someone is sick and no one else can come in there will be an on-call person whose job it is to come in."
  10. Luchador

    Recording Lectures?

    I'm not an auditory learner, really, but I have a long commute to school so I record lectures. Even casually listening to them as I drive is great help. In particular it seems a good way to catch the hints and little nuggets of what will be on exams. And I just got a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet so now I can ride and listen. The only complication I've had is that one prof is so boring and speaks in a monotone that I found myself getting sleepy while driving and listening.
  11. Luchador

    Panicking Over Vaccines 3 Weeks until School Starts!!!

    Mine as well. I feel bad for the original poster. The person that can give her the answer she needs is sitting on a beach right now having a fruity rum drink near Tulum
  12. Luchador

    I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    Sorry you're having a rough time. I suspect after working for $10.75 an hour at Costco for a week you'd start looking for another RN job. Retail is the worst. Horrible bosses, on your feet more than nursing and lots of contact with crowds of horrible people.
  13. Luchador

    How Nurses Can Help Improve Vaxx Rates

    Great article.
  14. Luchador

    Options for Non-Nursing Degree Holders

    Hello! You should look at options in your area because the variability in programs is huge. I have a master's in English, yet the "accelerated" BSN in my area would have taken longer than the ADN because of the additional pre-reqs and chem and o-chem. So I went the ADN route and figure I will pick up my bsn online with $$ from employer (ideally). Taking out more student loans wasn't an option for me. There are nurse corps repayment options and such if that is an option for you.
  15. Luchador

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    I've not seen it in my limited student experience (Nursling !) , but don't some burn victims and cancer pts get doses that are incredibly high, too?

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