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  1. jnniemeyer

    Income Based Repayment

    Hi Nurses! I was recently accepted into an accelerated nursing degree - however it will put me in a large amount of debt. I have been researching options for nursing loan repayment - and it seems like many of the repayment and forgiveness programs ar...
  2. jnniemeyer

    Pediatric Psych Nursing

    Hi nurses! I am interested in pediatric psychiatry and would like to know more about nursing jobs in this field. Does anyone have experience, or advice for becoming a pediatric psych nurse? Thanks so much! Jessica
  3. jnniemeyer

    Continental Travel Nurse, NICU

    Hi there, I realize this post is old but I am researching opportunities in international nursing. I would like to know if it's possible to get sponsored to work in the UK if I have an American passport. I'd also like to work in the NICU. Thanks!
  4. jnniemeyer

    UK NICU?

    Hi Coffee Nurse - I love your story and I'm just wondering how you were able to move from LA to the UK? Did you have to apply for a work visa? I am interested in doing international nursing, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Thanks!