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  1. denicke

    Worker's Comp Case Management

    Thanks for the info! I'll keep my ears open.
  2. denicke

    Worker's Comp Case Management

    Hi, Louisiana RN, another LA RN here as well. I've been a nurse for over 25 years and I'm interested in the area of WC case management. How did you get into it, what classes should I/could I take to prepare, how difficult a field is it to break into and learn?
  3. Can anyone tell me what is the regulatory agency in Canada that surveys hospitals (similar to JCAHO in US)? I saw it on another posting, but cannot find it now. Also, I understand that bills are not sent to individuals, but do the hospitals get reimbursed for services/care given to patients? If so, are there certains standards of documentation required of the hospitals (MD's or nurses) to validate? Thanks in advance for the information.
  4. denicke

    Admitted patients to the ER

    Check out the cover story of US News and World Report. You can access it on line. It is about the crisis in ED's across the nation, why we're in crisis (holding pts, lack of access to primary care, non insured/underinsured, etc.) and the fears that many have about our future. Very interesting reading.
  5. denicke

    nursing conferences

    The Emergency Nurses' Association is holding their annual Scientific Assembly in mid-Sept (around the 14). Check out their web site @ ENA.org for more info.
  6. denicke

    ENA in Orlando

    Will anyone be going to the scientific assembly in Orlando in Sept? I know that on another site, there was some interest in meeting, so I was wondering if anyone from this site will be there and would like to meet.
  7. denicke

    Am very interested in Emergency Nursing

    The ED can be very overwhelming to a nurse with previous experience, much less a new grad. That being said, my dept has had great success since we started interviewing new grads for staff RN positions. The requirements were that they had to have worked in our dept as a tech for at least one year prior to applying. That way, we knew their work ethic and they knew our acuity, the MD's , and some of the process. We put them through an approx 4 month internship, and so far have had very good success with their transition (their thoughts as well as ours). Good luck!!
  8. denicke

    Just want to say Thank You

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I just wanted you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time. Debbie
  9. denicke

    latex allergies in ambulatory care

    I have a couple of friends/colleagues who have been ER nurses for many years and who have now been dx'd with rheumatoid. One of them has a latex allergy. Does anyone have any thoughts/concerns/opinions about the number of autoimmune diseases seen in nurses?? Do you think constant exposure to latex is a contributing factor?
  10. denicke

    Flowsheets. Palms. and Computers

    Are you interested in complaint specific templates for documentation? If so, email me and I will give you our website for more info. Thanks, Debbie
  11. denicke

    Had To Tell Ya This One!

    I had a woman come in one Sat. night (people hanging from the ceiling as usual) who indicated a desire to have a cyst removed from her forehead right about the hairline. She was wearing a knitted cap and said that her "clients" were distressed by the sight of it during the course of their "business transaction" when the cap came off as her head hit the headboard of the bed.
  12. denicke

    Career descriptions from someone in the business

    I've been an ER nurse for over 20 years now and I love it. You get to do some of everything-from minor illness and injury to major illness and injury and with all age groups from precipitous delivery and neonates to geriatrics. There are real "teaching moments" almost on a daily basis. If you get the chance, I would suggest you work as a tech in an ER to get a good view of what it's like. It's difficult work (as is all nursing) but I've never had two days that were the same. Good luck!
  13. denicke

    Help with Proposal

    I'm not sure what the "rules" are for the military governing OT. If you can work straight 12's, then work 3, off 2, work 2, off 3 is a good way to go. The 3 on are your weekend to work-3 off is your weekend off. If built in OT is an issue, how about a combination of 2 8's and 2 12's (40 hr/wk)? This still gives you 3 days off/week. We work a 3 day weekend and get a 3 day weekend off which works pretty well.
  14. denicke

    ER Documentations

    Lisa, I am part owner of a company (4 ED nurses) who have developed complaint specific templates for documentation specific to ED's. One of our clients recently had a very successful JCAHO survey. I know this is not the place to advertise, but I was unable to email you. If you are interested, please email me and I will give you our website address. Thanks, Debbie
  15. denicke

    Nursing Superstitions!

    I even had the priest in our hospital trained not to say the Q word. Also, there are some nurses who bring certain disaster when assigned to triage or the trauma rooms!
  16. denicke

    Honestly: Do you wear gloves every time?

    I also double glove for Foleys...after insertion and the balloon is inflated, I remove the sterile gloves (contaminated with Lord knows what!) and have a "clean" pair of gloves to handle urine specimen cup with. The cup then stays relatively free of whatever. I glove for everything, since starting an IV on a 2 y/o (you know how messy pedi IV's can be) only to find out later from the child's aunt "I think she's been dx'd with HIV" I do at times, however, cut off the tip of my left (non dominant) index finger to palpate a vein. Stay safe everyone!