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  1. So I made the mistake of enrolling into the nursing program for Fortis in Indianapolis. I've been trying to switch elsewhere but they only told a half truth. They didn't mention that nowhere accepts there credits. Their own schools don't even accept all of their credits from each other. Upon googling I found a couple of reviews where people said they attended this exact campus and have had employers turn them down because they don't want Fortis graduates. Is that really a thing?
  2. I am looking into schools in Indiana for nursing. I'm going for my LPN and later my BSN. I looked at Brightwood and class there is 6 hours a day 5 days a week. I can't work and do that at the same time. Not with 2 young kids. I asked a couple of nurses at work and they said they went to school 3-4 days a week around 3-5 hours for lecture and 6-12 for clinicals (depending on the semester for class and clinical length). The school the 2 nurses I asked went to is closed (MedTech). So what is your experience with nursing school and what school did you go to? I'm mostly looking for people in the Indy area since that is where I will be going. But any input is much appreciated.