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  1. She already had her covid vaccine, the other shots also are OK by her doctor. It is the MMR only that is holding her back. There is now a chicken pox vaccine that is dead and she can take, but so far not one for MMR. Shes does not want to be Nurse to make money, she want to because she loves it! You should push hard to follow your dreams.
  2. Well, first of all, this isn't about learning to manage her own affairs, she has enough trying to stay healty. She works even when her knees and ankle etc are swelled and in seriour pain. This about finding somebody who might know of a way to get her into nursing school with her disabilty. My name and phone number is my decision. I'm a big boy. If anyone has any ideas or info that might help please respond or your welcome to give me a call.
  3. My daughter has an auto immune desease that prevents her from receiving her MRR shot. She desperatly want to become a nurse but we have not yet be able to find a clinical location that will accept her because of her inabiltiy to receive the MMR due to her diabilty. Can anyone help? thanks.