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  1. struggleforfuture

    Fresno State Nursing Program (BSN) Fall 2019

    The upper division EG classes are same in all CSUs? If I didn’t get accepted, maybe take that three upper division G.E. next semester and study for Teas English part then continue to apply next spring and fall.
  2. struggleforfuture

    Fresno State Nursing Program (BSN) Fall 2019

    Your post give me some hope since I Have 4.0 in prerequisites too. I didn’t apply any community colleges either. I also don’t want to go private universities because CSUs have better education. I look the graduation picture in Fresno website, has about 50 people graduated. I believe the retention rate is very good in Fresno state, Because many people only look RN pass rate. Someone said the teachers are very helpful. Maybe I really want to go there so I am a little nervous.
  3. struggleforfuture

    Fresno State Nursing Program (BSN) Fall 2019

    Hi here same! If I don’t get there I will wait one year too.
  4. struggleforfuture

    CSULB FALL 2019

    I am so supprised to see this. You applied other CSUs, I feel many should have good nursing program like Long Beach.
  5. struggleforfuture

    CSUB Fall 2019

    Hi , do you got email that admission letters go out in April? I didn’t get any email yet. My stats: GPA 4.0, Teas 77. I am living where 1:30 hours driving to CSUB but not belong to the “local”, so I don’t get extra points.
  6. struggleforfuture

    Fresno State Nursing (BSN) Fall 2018

    May I ask if you get in? I have almost the same stats and I am applying 2019 fall now.
  7. struggleforfuture

    Cal State Programs

    I applied 8 schools of CSU, I think Bakersfield allows prerequisite in progress, Channel Islands,Long Beach. I am taking Teas next month. Finger crossed, I hope can get in one of them. I don't mind to move, who accept me, I go.
  8. I applied 8 schools of CSUs, I am super worry about if I don't get in anywhere. There are some CSUs in the center California seems less competitive, well I mean compare others. Also most of them only look at nursing prerequisite GPA, not overall. You can look about Bakersfield, Fresno, stanlulus, SB, etc. I didn't apply 2019 to the most competitive ones, all are outside the city ones.
  9. struggleforfuture

    Fresno State Nursing (BSN) Fall 2018

    How about there? The teachers are nice and helpful? Classmates are friendly? I am applied 2019 fall.
  10. struggleforfuture

    CSUSB (csu san bernardino) FALL 2019

    Hi, I am applying as well, somehow I feel very hard to attend the information session because a little far from me. My stats: Prerequisites :4.0 Overall: 3.88 English is my second language Take teas in January I am a little nervous wow...
  11. struggleforfuture

    CSULB BSN Fall 2018

    Hi, I am applying for 2019 fall, and I am also a English learner just being here two years. I am still struggling for the reading part of the teas test. Can I ask how you study reading and English use? And the communication exercise was ok?
  12. struggleforfuture

    CSULB FALL 2019

    Thanks, I think I am gonna do that. You are in good place, because the cut off of last year is about 9.33 for fall, and it seems easier if apply spring. I hope I can see you in Long Beach........
  13. struggleforfuture

    CSULB FALL 2019

    Wow, I am taking Teas on November. I have both GPA 4.0. But I couldn't get good on Teas, I am trying pretest, how can you guys improve reading? I am nervous.
  14. struggleforfuture

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2019

    I am applying as well, I am still struggling with ATI teas, I have both GPA 4.0 so far. I apply CSULB, CSUb, CSU San Marcos, CSULA, English is my 3rd language and this makes me a little nervous. I hope I can give in somewhere in next September. I am nervous.
  15. struggleforfuture

    CSULB FALL 2019

    Hey, I am applying for fall 2019 too, I have finished all prerequisites. I am taking Teas on December, it seems hard for me because English is my 3rd language and I am here in America only two years( but I am in school full time and work very hard on it) , I couldn't get good score on reading, and I try them but still not good. Anyone studying teas too?