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  1. lmschmidt2

    WGU Indiana pre-licensure first term

    Outstanding! Thank you so much for you help!
  2. lmschmidt2

    WGU Indiana pre-licensure first term

    Thank you! What worries me is hearing that getting into the pre-licensure portion of the program does not guarantee a slot in the clinical portion. The enrollment councilors are vague on what the selection process entails. I have attempted to use the "Search" function on here but I am not exactly sure what I am searching for and a lot of what I get are RN to BSN program articles and posts.
  3. lmschmidt2

    WGU Indiana pre-licensure first term

    Any advice at all. Lay it on me. What can I expect in that first six months?
  4. I am curious to know what, if anything can be done during your pre-licensure term to separate yourself from the competition? I was accepted to the WGU Indiana pre-licensure RN program starting September 1, 2018. The enrollment counselor was unable to give me any advice other than their standard script on how to succeed at WGU. My background is as a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer (echo tech) with an MBA-HM from WGU. Any advice on how to handle the first term is greatly appreciated.

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