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  1. thank u caroladybelle, i did find some trends on the subject. how many questions were there? i am not worried about the math, just nervious about the drugs. i have been using the study guide and i do know all the drugs listed, still a little nervious. happy 2 know it's on computer!!

  2. Hi I am a LPN in nyc and just took an entrance exam to helene fuld college of nursing in nyc ( school is for LPN's only to get there RN) that exam was fair. it was basic math ( fractions dec./perc.) the english was very basic and one essay.

    best of luck!!!!!!

  3. Hi DLRN

    thank you for your advise on the Helene Fuld entrance exam. Just wanted to let you know that I was one of 6 people who passed all 4 parts of the exam. I will be taking the chem./math class in January I'm a little nervous but can't wait to start.