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  1. HI, I currently attend Helene Fuld and so far so good. Helene Fuld is a college and not just a vocational school. They are NYS and NLN accredited. They also articulate to several BSN programs NYU to name one. I have spoken with someone from NYU and was told that they accept all of Helene Fuld's credits. They program is intense and you have to work hard and stay on to of your business. Some people complain but they are not spoon feeding you. You have to put the work in or your grades will suffer. I'm not sure when but Helene Fuld is also trying to become a BSN program. Also did you look into Adelphi the have a program LPN to BSN that accepts some credits. Good luck

  2. There is no science on the exam, only math, english, and nursing. If you have the book do the online exam that comes with the purchase of the book it is a great help believe me. The questions were very similar, but not exact. There are 180 nursing question and 3hrs to do them. Read the question and answers completely. Pace yourself and u will do fine. The exam is taken on the ATI site and you can log back in to get your results after 3hrs. Good luck

  3. I work for NYPH-Cornell and they hire Adelphi RN's, I know several people who graduated from Adelphi and passed the boards on there first try, they also r now working on there NP and r working fulltime. If North Shore refuses to hire them them that's there loss.

  4. Are you asking about Memorial Sloan in the city or the one by Mercy? I know for a fact the one in the city treat ther nurses very well. Theypay and benefits are excellent. I work at New York Presbyterian Cornell right across the street from Memorial Sloan and hear only good things from there nurses.

  5. Hi I worked at Woodhull a few years ago in psych, not to bad but the other post was right about the nursing office, and the rude Nursing Directors. I was thingking about going back when i got a call from a recruiter who was so rude, I was trying to figure out why she called me. She had my info in front of her and said "oh you work at cornell now, maybe you didn't like the patients, so is that y u left. i decided not to answer her and hung up the fone." The benefits start the day of hire once ur a nurse and they have 12hr shifts now. When i was there i had 8 hr shifts. I have friends who still work there but i love it here at New York Presbyterian/Cornell the people are nice the benefits are good and being in the city is great. I recently applied for hospital housing so I could live closer to work and besides I always wanted to live in the city.

  6. Hi

    Are you talking about the college or the hospital? Rt now New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell hospital is on a hiring freeze. I currently work there as an LPN and in school for my RN. The benefits are good the tuition reimbursement is 10,000 per year if goin back for nursing (RN,BSN, MA or NP) not bad at all. I work in one of the clinics so i wk 5 days per wk 7-3. The floors have 12hr shifts wich is great. Hope I helped a lil bit.

  7. they will not not (like the sound of that) call just because of a score. the interview will be the breaking point..i know poeple who didnt even finish sections on the entrance exam and were called for an interview.....dosage and calculations are the meat and patatoes so if you did good on the math thats a point for you:up:

    Once again thanks for ur positive response ur awsome :). Hey I better start getting ready for that interview lol. I've been a LPN for so long it's time to go forward, so may of my friends are now CRNA and NP, time to do some catching up. Hav a great day.