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  1. Hi, has anyone applied and got accepted to Molloy College in NY Psych NP program? If so, how long does it take to know if you are accepted in the program. Thank you
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone has taken the entrance exam for Helene Fuld on the computer, if so is it any different than the written one they use to give?:typing
  3. tern

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Hey myRN85, congrats to you also. I work in one of the ambulatory clinics (substance abuse & psych) I love it M-F 7-3 and no weekends because I started as an LPD and took the pharm exam when I was first hired I was wave from taking it by nursing education. I'm so happy from what I understand the pharm exam has changed since I took it 6 years ago I'm sure you will do fine remember we passed the boards. I hope your experience with HR was better than mine smh. I just checked my people soft at work and I saw the salary change will start on Sunday.
  4. tern

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Hi, currently work at NYP Cornell as an LPN but not for long I'm now an RN and will be in the orientation next week. I have an ADN but bid have to sign a contract that I will complete my BSN in 2 years which I have already started. I got the upgrade because the clinic I work in is so specialized and I have been there for 6 years. You must have a BSN to be considered. It took almost 5 months for this upgrade with all the red tape and as I said I've been working here for 6 years but saying all of that it is a really great place to work. The opportunities are endless, great benefits and tuition reimbursement is $12,000 per year for nursing, and starting salary is 78,153 base pay not including night diff. I wish everyone good luck.
  5. tern

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    This is the base salary!!!!
  6. tern

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    NYP/Cornell as of yesterday $78,153 new grad not including BSN
  7. Let me start by saying that I just graduated from HF this past Sunday Nov.13!!!!! The entrance exams you would have to take if you were entering any college except for the nursing one....the nursing entrance exam is a way of testing out of fundamental nursing courses....the sci 101 in my opinon helps to prepare you for the program itself, you can always challenge the sci101....many people who attend HF including myself have been out of school for awhile and this course get your brain working again..lol...I find the money to be a small price to pay for my future as an RN...The program itself is not easy...you must READ your BOOK and do as many questions as possible....don't listen to the negative just stay focussed and you will be successful...I stayed away from the clicks and did my thing...I spent many of days and evenings in Barnes N Noble and it paid off in a big way..I hear so many complaints about HF but I really don't have any...It goes so fast by the time you turn around it's done...I suggest you take the step and you will be a RN before you know it :)
  8. tern

    Tuition reimbursement @ NYP & Mount Sinai

    At the Cornell division it's $12,000 per year and u have be working 6 mths.
  9. tern

    Older and back in nursing school...????

    I'm 45 I will graduating in november . I was a LPN for 14 years and decided to go back once my daughter was a junior in high school...most people did not even realize how old I was until I said something one day and they looked at me in amaizment..lol..my gpa is a 3.4 and I cant wait to finish...good luck with your studies
  10. tern

    Helene Fuld

    HI, I currently attend Helene Fuld and so far so good. Helene Fuld is a college and not just a vocational school. They are NYS and NLN accredited. They also articulate to several BSN programs NYU to name one. I have spoken with someone from NYU and was told that they accept all of Helene Fuld's credits. They program is intense and you have to work hard and stay on to of your business. Some people complain but they are not spoon feeding you. You have to put the work in or your grades will suffer. I'm not sure when but Helene Fuld is also trying to become a BSN program. Also did you look into Adelphi the have a program LPN to BSN that accepts some credits. Good luck
  11. I just started and will be doing the 18 mth program. So far so good. Just want to know how other people are doing in the program.
  12. tern

    NYU vs. Adelphi

    I work for NYPH-Cornell and they hire Adelphi RN's, I know several people who graduated from Adelphi and passed the boards on there first try, they also r now working on there NP and r working fulltime. If North Shore refuses to hire them them that's there loss.
  13. tern

    Helene fuld nyc computer entrance exam

    to all that r taking the second part of the entrance exam good luck :)
  14. tern

    Helene fuld nyc computer entrance exam

    Hey anyone taking the essay part of the exam tomorrow, good luck!!
  15. tern

    Adelphi: LPN to RN

    Has anyone applied to or been accepted to Adelphi"s lpn to rn program? Any feedback on this would be helpful. :wink2:
  16. tern

    Adelphi: LPN to RN

    Hi chachou22, They do have the program it's pretty new. It's in the adult academic programs in university college. It looks pretty good. I am going to apply and see what happens. the # is 516 877 3412
  17. Thanks!! I'm going to hope for the best. I've been a LPN for 14 years i'm so looking forward to getting my RN i think it's well over due. :)
  18. I glad to hear that you got in for the jan 2009 class. I just put in my application and will be taking the entrance exam. I was hoping to get into the jan 2009 class also but i think i might be to late for that class. I'll see what happens. Good luck and study hard:yeah:

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