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    Tuition reimbursement @ NYP & Mount Sinai

    At the Cornell division it's $12,000 per year and u have be working 6 mths.
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    Older and back in nursing school...????

    I'm 45 I will graduating in november . I was a LPN for 14 years and decided to go back once my daughter was a junior in high school...most people did not even realize how old I was until I said something one day and they looked at me in amaizment..lol..my gpa is a 3.4 and I cant wait to finish...good luck with your studies
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    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    No teacher fails u...u have to study and pass your exams...there is lots of info to cover in a small amount of time...
  4. Congrats.....I currently attend Helene Fuld and will be starting Nsg 223 in Nov.. the best advice i can give you is to do the ATI practice exams...it was a big help for me....Best of luck...fell free to PM me...
  5. tern

    Readmission to Helene Fuld NYC

    I am currently a student at Helene Fuld and will be starting Nsg223 in Nov. tobe honest there is a waiting list for 221 nov. class. You may have better luck for the april class.
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    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    I am also glad that you cleared up the misconceptions about HFCN...I am a current student and absolutely love it there. The program is made for adults and you must work hard and put your best effort forward if you plan to succeed. The prof. are good and always willing to help you if you don't understand something. I like the fact that it is small and you meet some really good people doing the same thing you are. Like any other school there will be those who are not satified. For me I am so happy that I choose to come here. The neighbourhood is fine, where located right next to this beautiful church and accross from a park. I take the bus at nite and I feel safe. I choose to do the part time 18mth program and will be starting Nsg 221 in April, I can't wait. Any LPN's who are interested I would suggest HFCN. Good luck!!!!
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    Best study guide (my notes)

    OMG!!! I love the study guide..I must share with my study group...Congrats and best of luck with your career :)
  8. tern

    Helene Fuld

    HI, I currently attend Helene Fuld and so far so good. Helene Fuld is a college and not just a vocational school. They are NYS and NLN accredited. They also articulate to several BSN programs NYU to name one. I have spoken with someone from NYU and was told that they accept all of Helene Fuld's credits. They program is intense and you have to work hard and stay on to of your business. Some people complain but they are not spoon feeding you. You have to put the work in or your grades will suffer. I'm not sure when but Helene Fuld is also trying to become a BSN program. Also did you look into Adelphi the have a program LPN to BSN that accepts some credits. Good luck
  9. I just started and will be doing the 18 mth program. So far so good. Just want to know how other people are doing in the program.