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    Nova Southeastern University BSN Fall 2019

    Brianna Spoto
  2. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    My Stats: Overall GPA- 3.89 Prerequisite GPA- 3.77 ( this is the one they look at) All 9 prerequisites completed TEAS- 76.7% Total number of points based on tally sheet= 71 points My campus rankings: 1st choice was Lee Trad 2nd choice was Lee ANEW, 3rd choice was Charlotte Trad, 4th choice was Charlotte ANEW
  3. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    Traditional is daytime classes and clinicals on weekdays. While anew is online and evening classes and clinicals on weekends. ANEW is also more self study because the classes are online while traditional you have in person instructors teaching you. I work nights so I would prefer traditional over anew. I am fine with Lee ANEW but would love for a seat to open up for Lee traditional because that is what I prefer more. It is based on your learning style. If you like in person lectures, then traditional is for you. If you like online and self study, then ANEW is for you. I am fine with both online or in person classes, its more about being able to continue to work nights. Hope that helped?
  4. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    Got a call today that a seat opened up for Lee anew. So I switched from Charlottle traditional to Lee ANEW. Hoping a spot for Lee traditional will open up because I would prefer traditional over anew. But I am happy that I am at lee campus regardless because I live 25 mins away from lee campus and now don't have to drive 45 mins to 1 hr to charlottle campus. Congrats to everyone!!!