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    Insulin error

    Today, I was notified by the manager of another floor (a floor that I occasionally float to), that I had been involved in a patient safety issue and they wanted to talk to me about it long story short, a diabetic patient was admitted from the emergency room with an order for Humalog. When I checked their BS on admission, it was 66, so I gave them some juice and the doctors had me recheck. They also said to give the insulin when the sugar was above 100 i continued to check the BS, alerted them when the sugar was above 100, and gave the medication as ordered (right patient, right dose, right medication, right route) and checks the insulin with another nurse checking the sugars after the insulin, the sugar was 129 before my shift ended. Two hours later, after I left, it was 23. The patient was discharged home before I worked the floor the next night. When the managers called me, they asked what happened, and what my rationale was for giving the medication, and why I thought the patient needed insulin now I am worried that I may be at risk for losing my job because I did not catch that the patient should not have been ordered for the medication, nor did I give her any food with the insulin. I am going to talk with the managers later this week. Does anyone have any thoughts?! Was o ultimately at fault and at risk of being fired?