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    Bonstemps got a reaction from Terrapins18 in NYU ABSN fall 2019   
    Hey there! They don't supply the public with specific acceptance rates for the ABSN program, but during an admitted students night they estimated around 60-65%. Apparently this year was very competitive. IF they are to be believed, this was one of the most competitive years, esp. for Spring. Fall is historically more competitive.
    My cohort is about 150 people split into two sections of about 75. I tend to see a lot of the same people, but sometimes the cohorts crossover in class. It depends on your schedule. I, for example, have class everyday starting at 7am or 8am. Some students have a day off and afternoon clinical/simulations. I don't tend to see the afternoon folks and they all seem to be lumped together. You have no control over your schedule, FYI.
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    Bonstemps got a reaction from Luckyyou in Trigger Warning!   
    I don't, that's true. But ya'll love to talk about snowflakes all the time and seem to me like kind of hateful towards those who may have additional needs. Its consistent here and a bit old.
    Its always those complaining who make the 'you should've used a trigger warning" joke. Ya'll ain't funny and ya'll kind of sensitive.
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    Bonstemps got a reaction from Luckyyou in Trigger Warning!   
    Spoken like a bunch of folks who don't really seem to understand trauma. 
    I understand your being upset and mystified, but when it does no harm to say a single sentence, why complain about it? It's for those who truly struggle, not for you who sits there and rolls your eyes.
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    Bonstemps got a reaction from Jory, MSN, APRN, CNM in $750 CA RN License??? No way!   
    I don't know many who can afford this. It is honestly pretty racist, xenophobic AND classist to create systems with steep entry fees. I'm not saying that is exactly what is happening, but systems like these are built with  a very specific person in mind. I'll be a graduating nurse very soon who has everything going for me, and this fee would keep me out of CA.
    I don't understand why you think this is a form of job protection; this is a massive filter and only those who have the cash can pay the entry fee.
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    Bonstemps got a reaction from spreadyourwings13 in NYU ABSN fall 2019   
    Hey! So, expect a wait. I applied August 3 and heard back October 30. Some didn't hear back until January. They are VERY slow, and that's been consistent for several semesters.
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    Bonstemps got a reaction from JollyBug92, BSN, RN in Trigger Warning!   
    I agree with this. Its overused and people now associate it with something "weak" and "bad".
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    Bonstemps got a reaction from llrr9 in NYU ABSN fall 2019   
    Hey All - I'm currently at NYU ABSN in my first "sequence"; feel free to DM me / post questions here and I will be happy to share my opinion. Good luck to y'all!