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  1. I am a new graduate (May 2020) and was just offered my first RN job. I always knew I wanted to go into maternal child health. Last month, I interviewed for a NICU position at a hospital in NYC. I was very excited about the possibility of becoming a NICU nurse, but unfortunately I was not selected. One month later, the same hospital interviewed me again and offered me a mother/baby position that same day. I feel super lucky to have my first RN job in a specialty. I am very excited as I completed my transition clinical on a postpartum unit. I love the couplet care, working with families, and encouraging new mommies to breastfeed. I knew from this clinical experience that I could definitely see myself working as a postpartum nurse. I am, however, extremely nervous to start my first real job. The orientation is 3-6 weeks and I will be on nights. I would appreciate if any postpartum nurses would share their experiences working and if they have any advice! Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
  2. Kk1231

    New York NCLEX ATT 2020

    Hi I am a non New York graduate and it took me exactly 6 weeks to get my ATT number from the day that I applied on NY gov site. If it has been longer than 6 weeks, try calling to find out the status of your application. Good luck!
  3. Kk1231

    Passed in 60!

    Most of the questions were straight forward. I found that they were worded much more simple than practice questions I was taking while studying. Good luck you will do great!
  4. Kk1231

    Passed in 60!

    Thank you! And good luck to you, you will do great!
  5. Kk1231

    Passed in 60!

    I just took my NCLEX last week and wanted to share my experience for those currently studying or taking their test soon. I hope to ease any test anxiety and answer any questions. I prepped for about four weeks, and no I did not use UWorld. I decided not to purchase UWorld because it was pricy and I just didn't have the money for it. I realize many nursing students highly recommend using UWorld, but if it is out of your price point you will still do just fine! Don't worry! I studied the Saunders comprehensive review book for any topics that I needed to review and used NurseAchieve for practice questions and CAT practice. I would highly recommend the CATs for exam prep (free for 30 days with the code FREE30). I devoted a few hours a day for content review and practice questions. I did about 3 CATs a week (my tests would shut off at around 64 questions and I would get a Pass-Pass each time). These were very helpful and get you familiar with computer adaptive testing. I took my test and felt that it was very hard. I felt I was guessing on most of them and when the test shut off at 60 I felt defeated. I only had a hand full of SATA so I thought I failed for sure. I got the good pop up 1 hour and again 4 hours after the test. What a relief! 2 days later got the quick results and passed! It is normal to feel that you did poorly, try not to stress to much after the test and hope for the best! All in all, NCLEX is really not THAT difficult. We went to nursing school, we can do it! Something I wish I heard while prepping for the NCLEX is that you remember more than you think you do from nursing school. You have the information already, so don't stress if you find that you are crunched for time or can't purchase the pricy resources. Just think positive, take deep breaths, and read carefully. You will get through it! Good luck to everyone!
  6. Hi everyone! So I just finished my second year of nursing school (I am doing a 4 year bachelors) and am now home for the summer. I have a position as a medical assistant in a dermatologist office. Basically this job is too much for me as it is 8 hours a day and some weeks I work 6 days. The office is very far from my house and I need to wake up very early in order to commute for 1 hour. Basically this job is taking a toll on me, but my parents insist on me keeping this job for the experience and that it will look good on my resume. There is not much experience I am gaining besides checking patients into rooms. I find it very exhausting to commute so far and work these long hours 6 days a week. On the other hand, I have an offer to work as a summer camp counselor at a local day camp. I've done this for 2 previous summers and enjoy it as it is only 4 days a week and the pay is very good. Please help!!! Should I stick out the job at the doctors office even though it is very far away and I feel that I will get burnt out for this summer? Or should I take the camp counselor job that I know I like and enjoy doing. Basically my question is do I need nursing experience in a doctors office in order to get a job in the future?