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  1. Kristy96

    ATT Help?

    I graduated May 10th and I have YET to receive my ATT. Several of the jobs I've applied to are requesting us to have our licenses by the first week of July as well. Very anxious over here~
  2. Kristy96

    Advice for working floor with "attacks" (anxiety?)

    I suffer from this as well. I was prescribed Propranolol and since then it's gotten better. I've been thinking about requesting an SSRI prescription just to have if i ever need it... would you mind saying which one in particular you were prescribed? I've heard Zoloft is great!
  3. Thanks for the post! I am about to enter my final year of nursing school, and I must say I am ALREADY stressing over job hunting!
  4. Kristy96

    Nursing student looking for a job at a hospital. Any advice?

    Do you have a CNA certification? I've been experiencing the same problem and I'm not sure whether i should obtain the certification or not since some people have told me that 2 semesters of nursing school can be enough for a CNA to work in a hospital?? I'm at the point where I'm just trying to work in a hospital, whether it be a front desk assistant or a greeter!! haha
  5. Kristy96

    New Grad RN Residencies

    Hi everyone :) Not sure if this question was asked already, I couldn't find a thread for it. BUT, I was wondering when is the best time to begin applying for new grad RN residencies? I believe I've heard right before the final semester or before taking the NCLEX? Background: I am currently about to begin my 3/4 semester of nursing school! Just want to stay on track Thanks in advance!