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  1. Prosper2018

    Non Clinical Positions For New Grads

    Hey everyone, hope the start of the year has been kind to you all. I will be finishing an accelerated program in 16 months ABSN and have decided bedside/patient care nursing is not for me. I'm sure 90% of you will moan and grown about how accelerated programs shouldn't exist and how everyone needs to have 10 years of bedside before being qualified for anything but I am not you and I don't feel the need to go your route. Seriously, why are people on here bitter and roast everyone who doesn't take their exact path. Helpful comments only please
  2. Prosper2018

    LPN here or ABSN abroad?

    Hello everyone, Just wondering about the greenheart or similar program. It would be a 1 year BSN program but not sure how accrediation would work since i live and would like to work in the US