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  1. VCstudent

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    After reading a lot of these responses this thread is making me depressed. I feel that it would be helpful if people would also indicate which state and county they are in to give some perspective of which areas are or aren't effected. I am in CA and in my county there is a shortage of experienced nurses so they spend millions of dollars on short-term contracts. I am aware of the possibility of not landing a job here and I'm aware that relocating will likely be necessary. Now I am going back to reading the thread to look for a response from someone that can offer some hope. ⛅
  2. Love the story and will look out for part two
  3. VCstudent

    How I made $93,000 my first year of nursing

    Where do you work? I have been looking at relocating to Texas once I finish nursing school. I have looked at Austin and Dallas, they seem to be fun places to live.
  4. VCstudent

    California RN Program Pre-Req

    I suggest you retake the courses you did poorly in to improve your G.P.A. because the nursing admissions consider the three science courses in the decision. Are you currently living near the college you took your courses from? If so? look at their policy for retaking a course, some don't allow it if a grade "C" or higher was earned. Therefore you would need to go outside of the school district to another junior college to retake the course you want to improve the grade on.
  5. VCstudent

    Student Loan Help

    I am in the same boat as you and have been trying to focus on minimizing my expenses (having my car paid off and being credit card debt free) because I know I will have to take out loans to survive. I was very strategic with where I chose to live because less money towards rent meant less money borrowed for it, if push comes to shove and I need to focus solely on school and clinicals. Are you living rent free or do you pay rent? If you pay, look at cheaper places maybe even renting a room?
  6. VCstudent

    Ventura college waitlist

    I'm a pre-nursing VC student that was curious if you were in the VC nursing program yet? I hope you didn't have to wait long.
  7. VCstudent

    Are you ready for NCLEX? Think patient safety and you will be.

    I loved how thought out and well written this article was and cherish this insight. Thank you for your experience!
  8. I attend junior college and have nearly finished my pre-requisite course before I apply for the nursing program. I would like to know from everyone's personal experience what to focus on to better prepare myself for the program.