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  1. Cari1030

    Failed for Clinical-but no proof

    I'm still in my first quarter in the RN program, I have five kids, I'm a single mom, and when I'm in clinical, I keep my phone on me, but it's on silent. The ONLY time I look at my phone is on bathroom breaks, lunch break, or when we're in the conference room where it was explicitly said we could use them. Yesterday, we were at clinicals all of 30 minutes before I got a message from my 13 year old freaking out because my 8 year old fell out of bed and they thought her arm might be dislocated or broken. I happened to get the message quickly because I was still in the conference room, but they were going to call me at the location if I hadn't answered anyway, as this was an emergency. I legit have zero reason to have a phone out on the floor, whether it's directly on the floor or in a side vestibule or whatever. None. And that's with all of my spawn at home. (Kid is fine btw, after a fun trip to the ER, we figured out she angered some muscles and tendons and has a lovely bruise) I can't see any possible reason for you to have your phone out, ever. I also have several issues medically, and I have not yet formally filed paperwork (though I am going to), but my instructors also know that I have those medical issues. It's not favoritism, it's being real and knowing your limitations and risks for having trouble within the program. The same goes with my kids. They know I have way too many crotch goblins, I'm not looking for special treatment, I'm being realistic. Plus, no offense, but I thought it was common knowledge that nurses are on their feet all day long, it would seem prudent to take care of that issue ahead of time knowing this. As for the other stuff, it sounds like some of it was justified and some was just dislike from the instructor. We all have issues with people here and there, the difference is how we handle it, as others pointed out.
  2. Cari1030


    I'm in Washington. My nursing program does not test for weed themselves; however, the clinical locations do, and if you test positive, you are unable to complete clinicals and therefore are no longer in the program, though I'm not sure if they directly kick you out. The hospitals all test for it and will fire people for having it in their system.
  3. Cari1030

    Different Sort of Shoe Question

    I've tried on several NB styles and they weren't comfy for me It may just be that I'm so used to this particular shoe I wear normally that nothing feels right, but then buying something and having it make my feet hurt is just a waste of money. I have literally worn the same style shoe for the past six years, just buying a new one when the old wear out, but they don't come in white and we're required to wear white! Ugh. I went ahead and ordered some Ryka's off Amazon because they were white, cheap, had good reviews, and a friend recommended them. If they suck, I can send them back, and if I wear them and they still suck...I only lost 20 bucks.
  4. Cari1030

    Studying on the Job?

    I found out we can't work nights during the week, only Friday/Saturday, but I'm still going to look for something during those days. Right now, I'm just going back to days in my retail position and switching to very part time with the ability to pick up hours as I can. I've been looking at a few of these suggestions though-I just can't do much yet as I'm still full time until the last minute before my quarter starts. I need the income while I can get it.
  5. Cari1030

    Lippincott-Which Tablet??

    I'm wondering if anyone who has used Lippincott The Point (ie DocuCare, VSim, CoursePoint, etc) could recommend a tablet. I read their technical info and it's very vague. I was initially planning on just lugging my laptop around, but the battery life isn't nearly as good as a tablet, and it weighs a ton as it's a gaming laptop. A lighter, more basic laptop isn't in the budget; nor is a top of the line tablet. I'm basically looking for the cheapest thing that will actually still work with it. Haha. Any help??
  6. Cari1030

    Job vs grades while in school more important?

    I agree with them^ I'm haven't started nursing school yet, but as someone who has worked full time and went to school almost full time (10 credits vs the 12 that are full time) for the last 2 years, along with being a single mom of five-I will agree, it totally depends on YOU. Only you can possibly know what you can handle. If you think you can't do it, then don't. Or, wait until you have the hang of things after the first quarter or two and decide then. That way you'll know how badly your needed study time will be impacted. I know so many people who don't think they could handle what I did, yet I did it with little problem and still made time for fun. Nursing school is an entirely different ballgame, so I've changed my schedule to very part time to start with (I'm already employed where I'm staying for the time being and they're being extremely flexible), with the ability to get as many extra hours as I feel comfortable with. Perhaps you could try for per diem?
  7. Cari1030

    Hep B Vaccine Question

    It depends on your program, I believe. I had a titer done for my MMR as I was missing my records showing I'd had more than one as a child. My titer came back showing no immunity to measles, but they only required one shot, not two, and I don't have to prove I am now immune. With Hep B, they require a positive titer (again, missing a record showing my 2nd shot), don't actually care how many I've had, and if I come back as not immune, I get the series again-but it doesn't prevent me from doing clinicals. I have to sign off saying I'm currently a non-responder and accept the risks. If someone still isn't immune after a second series, they do the same, sign off on it. Apparently it's more common than one might think. I'm hoping to find out about mine today!
  8. Cari1030

    Graduation Hold

    Can you pull a single student loan? I can't help with the other stuff, but a subsidized loan literally won't cost you anything if you pay it off as soon as you get money in Jan. Even if you have to take a small unsub loan, it'd be paid off quickly. Obviously this is only if you can't sit and have to wait to test. I cannot help with that part, as I don't know the answer.
  9. Cari1030

    Pain control in pt. With hx of opiate abuse

    Honestly, this seems to be a problem even for non-addicts. I'm not a nurse yet, so I can't comment on the issue as a whole, but as a person with a chronic issue (I have idiopathic intracranial hypertension/pseudotumor cerebri) who very, very rarely actually goes in for pain management (it's been probably close to 8 years before this), I found that last time I went in, I was treated like an addict/drug seaker. This despite my lack of history, my requesting caffeine as an attempt to get it under control, and my requesting something to just take the edge off. I usually handle my constant headaches ok, I'm used to it by now, but I had just switched to graveyard and I guess my body was being a brat. Anyway, I was denied pain meds and offered ibuprofen....
  10. I have a different sort of question. It was strongly suggested we get non-permeable shoes for nursing school, which I get-safety, cleanability, etc...but, what are your experiences? So far, I haven't found any leather/rubber type shoes that are even remotely comfortable for me, but I also don't want to get shoes that are going to be garbage after a week because someone puked on them :/ The only ones I found even somewhat comfy are the Croc style, but they get so stupid hot.
  11. Cari1030

    Alternate stethoscope ID?

    I mean, technically you *could* just show up and ask about it, but probably not suggested. Lol. However, if it were like the pp, where you literally left it 10/20 minutes ago, whoever took it would probably still be in the building and you could just stay nice about it (even if you think they were trying to run off with it, vs an accident/emergency use).
  12. Cari1030

    Best Shoes to wear during 12 hour shifts

    I absolutely agree with her. It sucks but ultimately, every single person is different. You can read reviews and try to get something others find comfortable but that doesn't mean they will definitely work for you. It's a good start though. Or, you can stop by some shoe stores and try things on-though that doesn't really help determine if they will work for a 12+ hour shift. Personally, I have Nike Alvord. They're trail runners, totally not meant for just standing/walking, yet my feet and back never hurt in them. But, they have limited colors and are permeable, so they aren't ideal for nursing (and I have to have white shoes for school, so I'm on the hunt too).
  13. Cari1030

    Lippincott System Requirements?

    I'm trying to find out if there are any specific system requirements for Lippincott's online course material. We use DocuCare, CoursePoint, etc and all of our books are online as well. I have a great laptop but they specifically want us to have a tablet for school. I don't want one that won't work with everything and I cannot for the life of me find the system requirements on their website. I KNOW I found it before, I just can't seem to now -_- I'm looking to get a basic Android tablet with a decent amount of memory, system, etc. I just seem to remember that *something* didn't work on Android and Apple was required for it. I'm not normally an Apple person (like...ever...I hate Apple, haha) but if I NEED an iPad for it to work I'll do what I have to!
  14. Cari1030

    Denied from nursing school...

    She should try calling the school she went to and failed and seeing if she can actually have those grades completely removed. I did this at my current school; I messed up when I first started college, had a bunch of real life issues, and didn't even know about withdrawing (no one told me anything, just "too bad"). I came back to this school a couple of years ago, 15 years after the fact, and my GPA was a 0.08. LOL. So bad. The school said I should just fill out a form to have all of those credits wiped. Basically, I lost the classes I did pass, but it put me back to a point where I wasn't trying to fix a horrid GPA.
  15. Cari1030

    Studying on the Job?

    I don't even know what that is, haha. They just answer phones? I was looking into a call center too, as I know there can be down time in between calls, but I really dislike talking on the phone in general. I do like the idea of working as a caregiver overnight, I have done caregiving in the past (during the day-honestly I was a glorified housekeeper) but never at night. I can see how that would be a lot of time to study!