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  1. falconersys

    Nclex RN exam Retake

    Hi, may I ask how you did with your tests at school?
  2. falconersys

    I got in! Now what?

    Are you currently working? If so, I'd plan on putting your job on hold or cutting down your hours significantly (<20 hours or less). I'd also focus on honing your study habits.
  3. falconersys

    School making me repeat a course. Help

    I agree entirely. You worded this much more eloquently than I would have been able to.
  4. falconersys

    School making me repeat a course. Help

    Personally, it sounds like you're lucky to still be eligible for the program. I would have advised against emailing the professors and complaining about the procedure to get back into the program. It doesn't really matter if you thought the process was complicated, the professors don't need to know your thoughts on it and I can guarantee that they don't want to be lectured or rushed by someone who they're giving a second chance to. Also, they probably did have to have several conversations between staff members and possibly the board/state to figure out how to handle your situation, which takes time. And, as others have said, the another strike you've put against yourself is posting about your very specific situation online. I'd take the additional course, chalk it up to an expensive mistake, and move on. They aren't stopping you from getting your degree, it's just a delay.
  5. falconersys

    Rude nurses

    Bringing this back to the original post, what was said that was rude? We're still waiting on that response, and it looks like OP has been on within the last day.
  6. falconersys

    "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    So it was a shoddy job. I'd move on. It was just a telephone interview, so it's not like she wasted time dressing up and driving across town. It's unfortunate, but there's lots of less than desirable companies out there. Looks like she happened to find one.
  7. falconersys

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    Also, if anyone has any psych experience (or would like to get some!), let me know. I can help you get your foot in the door at the Lourdes Counseling Center in outpatient services. Edit: forgot to add, they're extremely flexible with student schedules
  8. falconersys

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    The school has the right to withhold NCLEX testing privileges. They cannot withhold her from receiving the degree if she technically passed the classes, but if remediation is deemed necessary, they can reserve testing privileges until her scores are higher. This is perfectly legal, and frankly, better for the students, as you can only take the NCLEX a certain number of times with a mandatory wait period in between (45 days, I believe). Making her remediate for a better score is saving her time and money instead of just letting her fail the NCLEX. Passing a class and actually understanding the material are two very different things.
  9. falconersys

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    This is so bizarre that the mother is posting this and not her daughter. Frankly, I feel like that in itself is a pretty good indicator that this may be why she hasn't passed the HESI. Please let your daughter grow and learn to work her way through challenges on her own. When I didn't pass an exam, you know what I did? I studied twice as hard for the next one and succeeded on my own. I would be mortified if my parents were trying to fight my battles for me. Insinuating that you (the mother) are going to fight the school on this is way overstepping your daughter's boundaries. If other students pass the HESI and move on to NCLEX, so can your daughter, if you give her the space to figure it out on her own.
  10. falconersys

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    If her outside jobs aren't affecting her patient care at the job you work at together, I don't see why this would be a problem.
  11. falconersys

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    Phone call!
  12. falconersys

    Acceptance Rate/GPA

    Our entrance was based solely on grades and the TEAS. I had a 4.0 GPA and scored in the 88th percentile on the TEAS entrance exam, and was still put on a wait list. It's going to vary greatly program to program.
  13. falconersys

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    Hello all, Congratulations new students! If you received your acceptance letter, we have a Facebook group for the class of 2021 that we encourage all new student nurses to join. We will be sharing class information and events there, and you may ask questions there as well. Please send me a message @ Sydney Fisher on Facebook to receive an invitation to the group. Please also let your accepted peers know about the group as well.
  14. falconersys

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    Nobody I know in the program works full time, and I only know a handful of people who work part-time (myself included). The majority don't work at all, it's just frankly too much. I also only work Friday-Sunday, and the only reason I'm able to while in school is because of the downtime in which I can study. Some resources to check out: 1. Foundation scholarship at CBC (can apply specifically as a student nurse - fill this out!) 2. STEPP program - make monthly payments towards your tuition so you don't need to take out a loan. 3. IF you work - check if your employer has tuition reimbursement.
  15. Thank you soo much for all your tips!!!! I really appreciate it a lot ..

  16. falconersys

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    Absolutely! Oh my gosh, so many. Find a good stethoscope, but don't be spending tons of cash to get something like the Littmann cardiology. Things get lost or misplaced, and frankly, as a student nurse you won't be able to differentiate between a lot of the finer noises for a long time anyways My personal favorite has been MDF. They range from $60-100, are very comfortable, and sounds are very clear. Plus, free lifetime warranty and parts repair (at least on mine!). I personally did opt for engraving, however, don't put "nurse" or "RN" behind your name with the engraving, since you don't have your licence - but soon, young padawan, soon. If you don't already have one, you'll need a computer/laptop for home. My personal favorite is the surface pro - they can swap from laptop to tablet, and I can write or type notes, and write notes on top of the lecture powerpoints, which is so handy, and the battery lasts for ages. I'd avoid Apple products (like Macbooks), some students have struggled with the programs we use on them. You WILL need a printer as well. You just do. Most small supplies (like a blood pressure cuff) will be in a supply bag that you'll have to buy once you're accepted. Good rule of thumb is that if it's touching or going in a patient (with the exception of a stethoscope), it'll be either in the bag or provided in the hospital. You WILL need to buy a penlight, and hemostats are always handy too. Not necessary, but I also really enjoy my hip stethoscope holder. The Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN Examination book will be your best friend. If you bribe me with pizza, I may also share my quizlets I've made already for all the lectures and units. Buy compression socks and nursing shoes. I personally can't recommend Dansko clogs - a lot of students have not liked theirs. The shoes must be all black or all white, with no holes/mesh/any way a needle or bodily fluid could get through to your skin, and no extra embellishment (like the Nike logo). I personally wear lace-up, all leather shoes. They cannot be black and white (IE black shoe with white sole)- either one color or the other. Make sure they're comfortable! Your socks need to match your shoe color. A good clipboard! I personally love the foldable nursing ones on Amazon - they WILL fit in your school scrubs pocket! That's honesty the main things. I'm sure you'll purchase more things as you go (like an injection pad to practice injections), but that is the bulk of it, including your books! Great question!

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