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  1. 2BRN1998

    Another New CEP Rubric?

    Hi Chilly! Based on the new rubric I'm sitting at about 86 points, although I am working on 2 more classes. I hope it's enough to push me into a spot. Hopefully we make it
  2. 2BRN1998

    Help! ? About Arizona College Mesa

    Hi, I will start off by saying I have not attended this college. But, my personal advice is to look at other options. I have read many threads on this site from people who work in hospital settings who will not hire Carrington College graduates, which is another nationally accredited for-profit school. Maricopa community colleges have the highest NCLEX pass rates in the state, and they cost a fraction of what Arizona College would cost. It seems convenient now but when you factor in paying the student loans, it is a complete disaster. A lot of people in general tend to judge people from for-profit programs, regardless of whether or not it is warranted. It's not worth the risk, in my opinion, of paying so much money for these programs to end up jobless. There are a lot of "non-traditional" students in the Maricopa programs and the wait is worth it for quality and price. Nothing worth having comes easy, as the saying goes. I graduated high school last year and already only have 2 more classes before I can turn in my CEP application, so it won't take as long as you think. Have patience and good luck! :)
  3. 2BRN1998

    Question About HESI A2 Calculator

    Hi, I am wondering about the calculator for the math portion of the HESI. Did the test have any basic questions like 35/12 where you had to do long division by hand or were you able to use the calculator for even basic questions? I'm wondering if I should brush up on long divison without calculator help. Thank you!
  4. 2BRN1998

    Another New CEP Rubric?

    Hi, Did anybody else notice this change to the Maricopa nursing website? "Starting in June the CEP website will be taken down for updates. Please check back in late June for CEP information, updated brochures, and a new CEP admission rubric which will go into effect with the fall CEP intake cycle which begins on December 1, 2018!" I will be taking my last 2 classes fall semester so does anybody know what those changes are? I don't want to be surprised if they add any more requirements. TIA
  5. 2BRN1998

    Veteran looking for a nursing school

    Hi, I am also starting the CNA class at Pima the 14th of May. I really like Pima but I will not be applying to their nursing program because the adviser told me only a handful of schools (4 I think?) will accept their credits, including Chamberlain and Grand Canyon. I emailed the HR departments of some valley hospitals and they told me they strongly prefer BSN nurses and that Chamberlain was a good school. Personally, I will be sticking with the community colleges. I don't think all for profit schools are bad, but I know a lot of people will judge your skills just based off the fact that you went to one. I do not want a stigma to get in the way of being hired. 27 is still very young so don't worry, you will still probably be one of the youngest students there. I'm 19 and I was the youngest person in my math class by about 20 years. I will finish my concurrent program prerequisites this December and it only took me 3 semesters. Good luck!