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  1. Claralee

    Older New RN

    That’s good to hear, thanks.
  2. Claralee

    Great CNM Schools?

    So this really confuses me and I admit that I am a foreigner, so that may be why 😄 So here's my question: I could do a whole BSN at a school or just take 30 credits, the other credits would come from my ADN. But are you saying they will only look at the GPA from the 30 credits I took to get my BSN and won't look at my ADN?
  3. I have no idea as to what thread you are referencing, the one about the legality of refusing a male nurse or another one? However, i think the phrase " hysteria level emotive* phrase is telling. I am assuming you and cowboy are both men? Beyond that I honestly can't follow much if anything of your post. Each of your paragraphs is a single run on sentence that even an expert in the field might struggle with, let alone student nurses.
  4. Claralee

    Rutgers DNP/FNP spring 2019

    For those who were accepted where did you get your BSN? Im in an ADN program at the moment and wondering if an online 1 year BSN will be good enough. It will take me an extra year or two to get my BSN from Rutgers. TIA
  5. Claralee

    Failed TWO science pre reqs.. Any hope?

    I agree that you should definitely pursue getting those Ws. I got a late w (years after the fact) with very little documentation. As others have said it wasn't up to the professors but a specific department that deals with this. I went through our registration department. Given all your documentation I think there's a very strong chance you can change your Fs to Ws.
  6. Claralee

    Pregnant & in college?

    Can I ask why you are high risk? I think you will probably be fine with both classes but obviously you know yourself best. I think it would be nice to have something to keep you busy whilst you wait out those early weeks waiting for the baby to start moving and to start showing etc. (I always find the early weeks drag on the longest :) ). A&P is very doable as long as you give yourself time to learn it all.
  7. I'm really disturbed by all the "can't believe you're playing the race card comments". That's just ignorance. Until we (white people) can listen and try to understand what black people have been through and what their daily experiences are of racism and bias we can't improve the situation. Yes it sounds like there are other issues but that doesn't invalidate any discrimination that she feels she has experienced. I don't consider myself racist as I'm sure most of us don't, but that doesn't mean I'm not part of the problem. We need to do better.
  8. Claralee

    Steps to becoming a R.N

    Hi. Welcome to the US. I'm from Birmingham originally and moved to the US 15 years ago (NJ). I completely understand how confusing it can all be. I'm not sure about the answer to your question as I'm going for an associates degree which I start after the pre-requisites are done. My advice is to talk to someone in admissions at the schools you are interested in. They are usually really helpful and that's the main way I figured everything out. Also you might need to get your high school results converted into American. I'm assuming you have A-levels? If that's the highest education you have there are companies that can work out the equivalent of your A-levels to the American system so that you can get in. The most respected one is WES. I'm not sure what the admissions requirements are for a 4 year uni here so not sure if this is something you will definitely need to do or not.
  9. You get points for the 4 sciences: A=30 B=20 C=10 I'm not sure about +'s and -'s Then the 2 English classes have half the value A=15 etc You also need a gpa of at least 2.5 but they only look at the points for the 4 sciences and 2 English. They add up all the points and rank the students high to low and they go down the list offering people a place until they are filled up. Hope that helps. Oh and if you have a previous degree they will also give points for that
  10. Claralee

    Effective way to study A&P

    ugh sorry for horrible typos, I can't figure out how to edit my post. I was trying to say that I trick to stick to one fact per flashcard. I actually studied how to study for A&P before I started as I was so intimidated. I found some great advice on these message boards and lots more stuff online and youtube.
  11. Claralee

    Evening Nursing Programs NJ

    County College of Morris has an evening track for their ADN. But if you don't do pre-reqs there they only transfer in as a C and their admissions is all based on your grade for science and English pre-requisites.
  12. Claralee

    Did I ruin my chances?

    ^ Yes it's definitely worth seeing if that is a possibility since you suffered a huge loss.
  13. Claralee

    Effective way to study A&P

    I have over 100% average in both AP1 & 2 and strongly believe it's because I found the best way to study (for me). I read the textbook first before lecture. I record my lectures and take notes on the PowerPoints during the lecture. Then I type up the notes from the lectures. Then a week or so before the exam I flashcard everything we need to know and just keep going over the flashcards until I've learnt it all. I try to stick to one fsvtboer flashcard but will sometimes group them if easier to learn together. If there's anything that isn't sticking fromtgd flashcards I write it out again in as condensed form as I can and that helps me get it in my brain. Good luck!
  14. Claralee

    Nursing school vs. Baby?

    While it's true that you have no idea how long it might take you to get pregnant you are still v young and should have years of fertility ahead of you. I'm finishing my pre-requisites at 44 with 4 kids, the youngest of which is 11months. It's tough but not impossible, although I have no idea yet how much tougher nursing school will be. It's great you will have help but your life would probably be easier if you waited. Good luck with your decision.