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Snatchedwig has 12 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Medsurg.


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  1. Snatchedwig

    Dilute Lasix before giving IV?

    Lol right.
  2. Snatchedwig

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

  3. Snatchedwig

    Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    You did good. That MAP is definitely over 60...she be alright lol.
  4. Snatchedwig

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    I rather watch a show about CNAs. More entertaining. Over watching shows about cops and pretend shifts at the hospital. I wanna watch a show following the CNAs and the housekeepers.
  5. Snatchedwig

    Do you have trust in your doctors?

    I'm so jealous. Whenever I look at the list my patient is assigned to, my first response is "Dr _______ hardly calls back. Good luck girl call someone else." Or we have this nephrologist that seems to talk about his sex life in the majority of his conversations, minimum patient time. My old job the drs was amaaaaaaaaazing.
  6. Snatchedwig

    Do you have trust in your doctors?

    I can honestly say the drs at my job I have no faith or trust in. Pulmonologist rounding ( 2 seconds)with no stethoscope, then magically have a full progress note. Or they do their assessments at the door. Or they put in their notes "spoke to RN" and I'm like when?? Gosh totally needed that. Vent over.
  7. Snatchedwig

    3 Simple Ways To Squash Compassion Fatigue

    Next time I'm stressed imma get some celery juice .
  8. Snatchedwig

    "He's Okay"

    I answer honestly. Not from my personal opinion but from what other patients say.
  9. Snatchedwig

    I feel like I’m being targeted please help

    Perfect your 'I quit ' walk into there like this.
  10. Snatchedwig

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    I love students! To see someone absorb and then put into practice its soooooo awesome. I don't want to precept when I have crashing patient. Sorry not sorry.
  11. Snatchedwig

    Mental illness and BON

    That is no ones business but your own.
  12. Snatchedwig

    Management-initiated fraud?

    Your place is a mess. Your administration wants yall to make up numbers--- your fellow nurses are not even documenting....hello??? This ain't forgetting to document if Sally got her fish oil pill...this is INSULIN. Imma need you to find another place to work.
  13. Snatchedwig

    Nurses and Bullying: 4 Things You Can Do

    That's the internet for ya
  14. Snatchedwig

    Nurses and Bullying: 4 Things You Can Do

    Let me guess, your usually the one who assume the victim role?

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