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  1. On 1/10/2020 at 1:33 PM, CluelessNurse said:

    Thank you everyone! My school contacted me to meet with the dean and sent me out to get a random monitored drug test and once it comes back negative the old test will be tossed. 

    Oh good. Did you pass it? 

  2. I did as a LPN.


    First job was at a rehab that specializes in long term ventilator stay patients. Fulltime pulmonary nurse till I went to my other job.


    Second job at a LTACH (long term acute care hospital) which is what I do now as a RN. My capacity as a LPN was I had my own patient load. These patients are sicker than sick. Multiple organ failure,  emergent dialysis,  sepsis, monitoring hemodynamics,  etc. Only thing I didnt do as a LPN was admissions and be the initiator of a blood transfusion.  After the initial connection I would be the one monitoring. 


  3. 3 hours ago, HelpfulNatureHopeful said:

    I don’t get how such “intelligent” people have such stupid trains of thought.

    I mean that makes ZERO sense. You can’t breathe flu into your mouth? Or touch something and touch your mouth? How often do you have to swap in order to make yourself immune? 


    Okay. Imma need some credentials 😎. Do you have a degree in nursing? Or had a microbiology class complete?

  4. 3 minutes ago, brownbook said:

    Anti-vaccers, essential oils, weight loss powders. All of these you can find for yourself. Just put them in a Google search.

    Bro/sir/ma'am, you come on here stating very bold statements. If you can not show an instance where this is happening , you need not post on a forum where are objective medical professionals roam. 

    What specific hoaxes? There are known uses for essential oils. 


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