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    I hate being a sitter

    Sitting sucks. I feel your pain. Go above their head and network yourself in your company for a RN job. Network is key.
  2. Snatchedwig

    A new allegation every day

    Mentally make it fun. 'Chile crazy ole suzy making another one again' just say that in your head. Have fun with it while you investigate and document.
  3. Snatchedwig

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Lol you know those applications take forever to fill out
  4. Snatchedwig

    New nurse on-boarding

    What is a TMA?
  5. Snatchedwig

    My nursing career has been a failure

    Yes Lord in the name of jesus
  6. Snatchedwig

    Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    Aint nobody got time for that. I will address you straight up. Period. I don't work for you.
  7. Snatchedwig

    False Positive Results

    That's not the good pop-up.
  8. Snatchedwig

    NCLEX New Format 2020

    I'm not sure when the new format would be released, however from what I understand it sucks bad. Pretty much asking you to be a Dr and diagnose patients. I've seen some practice questions released from the NCLEX exam.
  9. Snatchedwig

    Pharmacology on the NCLEX

    I don't think I had any pharmacology on PN and RN NCLEX. I can't remember I passed both with minimum questions each under 40 minutes. I did approximately a minimum of 500 questions a day.
  10. Snatchedwig

    How to pass the NCLEX-PN in 2019?

  11. Snatchedwig

    Nursing Home Resident Taunted by CNAs

    Definitely not enough. Throw them fools in prison, send a Kite to someone to say why they are in. Then it would be enough.
  12. Snatchedwig

    New Grad RN..made a mistake!!!

    Lol its okay boo.
  13. Snatchedwig

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Your absolutely right
  14. Snatchedwig

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Okay. Hi Mrs so and so your background check shows you did not list these previous employers. Can you tell us why you did not list them? What was the reason to leave each? And can we contact them? Answer that without disqualifying yourself and not making it seem like it's a pattern. Should you look down on my application for quitting a job? Nope. SEVEN in such a short time span? Are you seriously asking me that? Reallllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????????????????
  15. Snatchedwig

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    In the real world there is no two sides. Someone who job hops like this is a risky hire. When a background check is ran, all these will show depending if searched for. People have to be cognitive of these things. Just cause you may not list it on your resume doesn't mean it won't disqualify you.
  16. Snatchedwig

    new to this

    You have the lottery numbers?
  17. Snatchedwig

    Advice please!!

    I never understand why people ask strangers for life decisions. But for the sake of trying to help and guide you. Ms. Edp855, imagine when you are in your old age and reminiscing, would you feel fulfilled as a FNP? What does your heart say? I think you already know but maybe seeking confirmation to take that leap.
  18. Snatchedwig

    Murder-Suicide of Elderly Couple Worried About Healthcare Bills

    That's how you supposed to retire anyways.
  19. Snatchedwig

    Murder-Suicide of Elderly Couple Worried About Healthcare Bills

    Reading this made my heart drop. So sorry to hear that. Unfortunate reality for some.
  20. Snatchedwig

    Is 63 to old to start nursing school?

    Do YOU think it's too old? Never ask or care about advice regarding life from strangers.
  21. Snatchedwig

    Best online/app to buy?

    Saunders all the way. I'm sure you got a Saunders book with your tuition, activate the online code. Use that software. I did the entire test bank. When I was done I did 80% of uworld test bank. I did about 1000 questions with passpoint. NCLEX mastery every-day about 100. I passed my NCLEX-PN in like 30 minutes and my NCLEX-RN in around 45 minutes using similar study strategies listed above. I also bought ATI and HESI preparation software's and did those intensively. Saunders is suffice though . You can do it!
  22. I would be on CNN, FOX, Bay news 9, telemundo, the shopping channel, and Hulu having a fit. No ma'am HCA would be paying for a new purse.
  23. Snatchedwig

    Was I wrong to report a co-worker?

    Nope not wrong. You would be wrong for not reporting as that could result in patient safety issues or neglect.
  24. Snatchedwig

    How to Explain Why I Quit my Last Job

    I learned the previous job was not a good fit for me as a nurse.
  25. I worked at the local HCA hospital.... It sucked. Too long to write.

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