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    Pre-Requisite Nursing Course with LAB?

    So I looked into Direct Entry MSN programs before settling on getting my ADN then transitioning to BSN and eventually MSN. What I learned that “not expensive” and “Direct Entry MSN” do not go in the same sentence. Ever. If you want to go the direct entry route, you’re most likely looking at 80k+ for that degree.
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    I Don't Know What to DO

    If I were you, I’d make your clinical instructor aware whether your classmates agree to give you rides or not. Crap happens and rides can fall through at the last second. Better to make your instructor aware now than show up late one day because your ride fell through and seem like you’re making excuses.
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    Will I get kicked out for wearing hearing aids?

    No, they most certainly can't kick you out for wearing hearing aids. That would be a form of discrimination. As long as you live in the US, you're 100% protected against things like that. I'd contact your schools disability services if I were you.