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    Blood Titer Help!

    My varicella and MMR came back negative. I had to get a booster of each. However, from what you’ve stated it sounds like you have to complete the series again. I’m sure though that there is some kind of form to say you’ll adhere to the dosing schedule and submit proof as you get the vaccines and accept the risk (yadda yadda yadda). My school had those forms for people who weren’t previously vaccinated for Hep B.
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    Possible move to SC need advice

    Hey there! I’m just a student so I can’t say anything about getting the license, but I do live in Myrtle, so I can answer some general questions about jobs and such. Office jobs-including insurance companies-are basically nonexistent here. There are a few small firms here and some of them may deal with workman’s comp, but the problem is that jobs like that fill up in an instant and no one ever leaves them because they are basically unheard of here. Beyond that, most of the firms are so small that I don’t think they would have a staff RN to begin with and they’d probably just outsource that work to a nursing staff agency, but you’d have to look on the company website to be sure on that one. Let me know if I can answer any other questions! I’ve lived here most of my life so I have a pretty good lay of the land with different areas and the pros and cons of the different neighborhoods and such.
  3. HGTC has an LPN-RN bridge that is completely points based. It’s a 3 semester program.
  4. Hey all, I start an ADN program in January that has 6:30 am clinicals that can be up to about 1.5 hours away from me (I know this is pretty par for the course) and, as some current students have told me, and ENORMOUS amount of work. Heres my issue-I've always been a night owl, so getting up at 5 am or earlier REALLY sounds like a disaster waiting to happen for me. Honestly, I used to struggle getting to a 9 am course, though I've gotten better with this. Right now, I'm on a consistent sleep schedule of either 12am-8am or 11pm-7am, depending on the day. Ideally, I'd like to be at 10pm-6am before the semester starts on January 14th. I know most people don't get a full 8 hours of sleep, but I just know I will sleep straight through my alarm if I don't. So does anyone have any advice on how to adjust your sleep schedule when you're not used to getting up early at all? I've been taking 10mgs of melatonin to fall asleep at 11pm, so I really don't know how I'll take to 10pm or even earlier once clinicals start. My second question is: what strategies do you guys use to fight procrastination? I know there are a million articles online about this, but I want to know what has worked in practice for all of my hardcore procrastinators out there. And by hardcore, I mean that I once wrote a 10 page essay in 6 hours before it was due. And got an A on it--score! Thanks all for any advice!
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    Pre-Requisite Nursing Course with LAB?

    So I looked into Direct Entry MSN programs before settling on getting my ADN then transitioning to BSN and eventually MSN. What I learned that “not expensive” and “Direct Entry MSN” do not go in the same sentence. Ever. If you want to go the direct entry route, you’re most likely looking at 80k+ for that degree.
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    I Don't Know What to DO

    If I were you, I’d make your clinical instructor aware whether your classmates agree to give you rides or not. Crap happens and rides can fall through at the last second. Better to make your instructor aware now than show up late one day because your ride fell through and seem like you’re making excuses.
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    Will I get kicked out for wearing hearing aids?

    No, they most certainly can't kick you out for wearing hearing aids. That would be a form of discrimination. As long as you live in the US, you're 100% protected against things like that. I'd contact your schools disability services if I were you.