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    Crisis averted

    So, to start out, I’m about 3/4 of the way done with my first semester of my ADN program. Yesterday, I had to miss clinical for a new job orientation and I had to turn in my clinical paperwork from the prior week. This is where I made my major, giant, stupid mistake. I sent my clinical paperwork to my instructor through email. But forgot to redact my patients names. When I realized what I did, I had an internal freak out. I was so nervous and upset I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t focus on my orientation at all yesterday. Finally, today, I hesitantly picked up the phone and called my instructor during her office hours. I was literally in tears with her on the phone upset that I did such a stupid thing. Half of my tears were because I knew I violated the patients trust and the other half were fear that I was going to be kicked out of the program. Thankfully, my instructor was very understanding and destroyed the documents and just let me know to not let it happen again. Ive heard so many horror stories of people getting kicked out of nursing school for much, much less and I hope that I could add a little positivity to the mix. This is a huge learning experience for me and I know I will never make that mistake again. Thanks for reading
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    Summer Nursing Classes

    Hey Dom! You'll probably get a better response if you make your own thread about this in the students section or in the NY (?) nursing thread. Hope I helped
  3. Okay, I agree that everyone's experience is going to be different. However, I don't agree with anyone that's telling you to shut up about how you perceive nursing school. Sure, don't go bragging to everyone in your class about how easy it is, but that doesn't mean that you should ever feel like you have to "shut up" about it. Honestly, most people are probably just jealous that it's not that easy for them.
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    Grades in ADN class

    At my orientation last week, my instructors said that a 77 (our lowest passing grade) is our new A.... kind of scary lol
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    Favorite Lunches

    My favorite lunch to bring to school is a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread. I just get canned chicken (one 12 oz can of Walmart brand is 1.50 and makes 3 sandwiches) and light mayo. I’m on weight watchers and it’s only 5 points. I also like to bring frozen dinners too.
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    Nursing school suggestions

    MUSC has a great ABSN program. Or you can go to a community college for your ADN and then later on do an RN-BSN. Coastal Carolina up here in Conway has a very good RN-BSN program. Good luck! ETA: Whatever you do, I'd really stay in state. We have so many great programs here, it's not worth it to pay double (or more) tuition to go out of state.
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    Help me name my baby!

    As someone with the name Angel, I am thoroughly offended (kidding)
  8. It's not even cross posting because they're uploading them to the same section. I think the mods need to merge the last few posts from this account lol.
  9. Well D's and F's are failing, so you'd have to retake them. If the programs you're looking at allows that. It's gonna vary between programs greatly. Side note: why so many threads to ask essentially the same question??
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    Advice for taking Math 125

    As people told you in your last post, math 125 means nothing to most people. Even if it does, a different school might have math 125 coded as a completely different class than what you're taking. What is the course name? What content is in this class? No one can answer your question without that info.
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    Did your school require an entrance exam?

    At my school, we had 2 options on how we got in. The first option is with none or some of our prerequisite classes done and taking the teas test. So in that option your prerequisite GPA wouldn't even be looked at. In the second option, they'd look at your grades instead of your teas test.
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    Midlands Tech Waiting List

    I know a couple people that went to midlands and their waiting list date was pretty accurate. The only variation might be is if you're at the top of the list and someone refuses their acceptance last minute.
  13. For one, your post makes absolutely no sense. See your advisor for any question you may have. For two, why are you claiming to have an ADN and BSN in your title when you're just starting prerequisites? ETA: it's illegal to claim to be a nurse when you're not. I know you're not using the RN title, but you're bordering on breaking the law here.
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    Did this patient overreact?!

    This is a troll, right? This has to be a troll post. If not, this is some serious victim blaming and gaslighting. I really really hope this is a troll.
  15. Hey all, I start an ADN program in January that has 6:30 am clinicals that can be up to about 1.5 hours away from me (I know this is pretty par for the course) and, as some current students have told me, and ENORMOUS amount of work. Heres my issue-I've always been a night owl, so getting up at 5 am or earlier REALLY sounds like a disaster waiting to happen for me. Honestly, I used to struggle getting to a 9 am course, though I've gotten better with this. Right now, I'm on a consistent sleep schedule of either 12am-8am or 11pm-7am, depending on the day. Ideally, I'd like to be at 10pm-6am before the semester starts on January 14th. I know most people don't get a full 8 hours of sleep, but I just know I will sleep straight through my alarm if I don't. So does anyone have any advice on how to adjust your sleep schedule when you're not used to getting up early at all? I've been taking 10mgs of melatonin to fall asleep at 11pm, so I really don't know how I'll take to 10pm or even earlier once clinicals start. My second question is: what strategies do you guys use to fight procrastination? I know there are a million articles online about this, but I want to know what has worked in practice for all of my hardcore procrastinators out there. And by hardcore, I mean that I once wrote a 10 page essay in 6 hours before it was due. And got an A on it--score! Thanks all for any advice!
  16. angel0309

    How to fight procrastination and sleeping in?

    Wow, that sounds rough! I couldn't imagine that kind of commute just to get to school. But you got this!! I hope that working on the weekends doesn't throw off your sleep schedule. I'm practically quitting my job at Walmart when I start school.
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    LPN to RN, or straight to RN?

    Okay, so my opinion is this: if you ultimately want to be an RN-go for the ADN. You'll most likely wind up spending more time and money in the long run to bridge later down the line. Of course, only you know what's best for you, but being in a very similar situation to you (minus the husband--we're not ready for that yet lol), I can tell you that's what I'm doing. At least in my program, the LPN certificate is 3 semesters and then it takes another 3 to bridge to ADN. So that's a whole extra semester when you could just go straight to the ADN if you think that's what you ultimately want to do anyway.
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    Chasing Happiness

    Oh my goodness, congratulations times a million! You're gonna do great! I believe in you
  19. angel0309

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    I wish I could give this comment 100 likes. Preach! Not for nothing, but I'm a Christian and I totally agree with everything you're saying. It's just like when someone makes a broad statement about white people being racist, only those who are feeling guilty take offense. To everyone one who is upset about what he's saying: If you're not one of the Christians who force their beliefs into everyone else-through politics or otherwise-then why are you so damn upset?
  20. I honestly didn't read through the entire thread of comments, but the OP said that autism "ruins" children's lives. That's all I was referring to. As someone who has close family friends with autism and a cousin with autism, I can guarantee you that none of them would describe their lives as being "ruined" by autism. In fact, my cousin is starting college a few hours away from home in the fall (just got her acceptance letter) and we're all so proud of her. Autism doesn't ruin lives. Differently abled peoples lives are not ruined by their "dis"orders. I think in general, as a society, we have an implicit bias against differently abled people. I am merely questioning the narrative of this thread. Side note: The fear we have of differently abled people is really just a scare tactic used by the anti-vax movement. TBH, even if there was a "strong correlation" between any vaccine and autism, I'd rather my child risk getting autism than a potentially life threatening illness. My point is this: How much do we have to hate autistic people that we'd rather our children develop preventable diseases than be autistic?
  21. Beyond the ridiculousness of the "story" itself, can we just talk about how deep our hatred for differently abled people goes that we believe that autism "ruins" children's lives?
  22. Even if you're not a second degree student, MUSC here in Charleston, SC doesn't require you have a previous bachelors degree for their ABSN program. There are about 60 hours of prerequisites, but that's only an associates worth. And I believe the program is 18 months. Plus-Charleston is one of the most beautiful cities in the country!
  23. angel0309

    How to fight procrastination and sleeping in?

    Jen- Wow. I don't know how you do it... 5:30 just seems so early. But I guess I'd better get used to it lol! Good luck! We're gonna do great this semester! PS it's women like you that amaze me. I don't know how anyone handles school and kids, but honestly it's amazing!! I aspire to be that dedicated and driven.
  24. angel0309

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    I don't know why I expected an open minded response....