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  1. hdrn90

    UWF FNP Fall 2018

    Hi! I got an email and a physical letter in the mail, maybe double check your junk folder? Congrats!
  2. hdrn90

    UWF FNP Fall 2018

    Hey guys! I made a group page on FB, search "UWF FNP FALL 2018" It's a closed group, so just request to be added :)
  3. hdrn90

    UWF FNP Fall 2018

    I had to do the same thing, I went around and commented on 15 different posts and then the PM button became available... :|
  4. hdrn90

    An RN with her own SPA BUSINESS?

    Some states require more education to do injectables, like NP's... at least that's how i think florida is :)
  5. hdrn90

    Relocation benefits info

    Moving for work is a tax deduction as well I think :)
  6. hdrn90

    Is there a "nursing for dummies" type book?

    the saunder's nclex review is my favorite!
  7. hdrn90

    Lovely lady

    Hospice nurses are a different breed, amazing work.
  8. hdrn90

    I need your help ASAP please

    Hopefully someone is able to assist you!
  9. hdrn90

    Nurse Pract. in Florida 2015

    Pensacola area is great!!!
  10. hdrn90

    Have you ever just had to step aside?

    You absolutely did the right thing. tough job!!
  11. hdrn90

    Nursing Interventions

    I commend all school nurses, sounds like such a stressful job!
  12. hdrn90

    Is school nursing stressful?

    It's imperative to find a good work/life balance.
  13. hdrn90

    Lead poisoning!

    These are dark times we live in.
  14. hdrn90


    Great advice on this thread! Hope it works out for your friend :). Home test kits are only fairly reliable... I had a friend test negative at home and fail the real deal.
  15. No no, pens are always needed!
  16. hdrn90

    FNP Oversaturation

    This is disheartening, does anyone have experience in switching/adding a specialty? For example, you're already and an FNP but go back to school for Adult?