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  1. Icandi2006

    Frontier online program

    I am considering this program, for fall 2015. I wish you blessings in your schooling.
  2. Icandi2006

    Georgetown NP online

    Georgetown is all about the name, which you will pay for at a rate $1600 a credit hour. Its cheaper to go to U of Penn, Duke etc, they have more prestige and better programs, rated in the top 20.
  3. Icandi2006

    Loans for grad school

    That's a good plan, I do not want anymore loans for my MSN. I think will try tutition payment plans and work extra to save. I am also considering the NRLP programs as well.
  4. Icandi2006

    Frontier online program

    Georgetown, that's a pretty expensive school, but Frontier has the best program in the country. They deliver babies in the rural areas of KY. I suggest speaking with an advisor at the school, so they can give you the best options.
  5. Icandi2006

    LSU applicants start in 2015

    Blessings to you, I am considering applying to a CRNA program, just a little nervous about the GRE.
  6. Icandi2006

    Goodbye, fellow nurses

    I wish you the best in your endeavors. I hope your next career, you will choose more wisely and investigate, what you really want to do. It is a shame to waste your time and energy in a profession, you clearly do not like. With your critique of the profession, have you considered sports writing or becoming a gossip columnist? Everyone can't be a nurse
  7. Icandi2006

    Brand New BSN experienced RN

    I will be a Brand new BSN in 5 weeks, with 16 years as a RN. What do I do next? I am looking forward to having my degree. However, what do I do? Do I stay bedside? Use my years experience in Leadership. I like bedside nursing, I am continuing with my MSN, but it is so much to chose from, NP, CRNA, Psychiatric Mental NP. I am like a kid in a candy store. I know I want to continue, on this path of learning. Wow what is a girl to do???
  8. Icandi2006

    Retire by 30, thanks nursing!

    I like your ambition and drive. I am curious, did you go into nursing for the $$$ or care for the sick and invalid. Hmmm... sounds like you are one of those nurses who is in it for the $$$. You will burn out quickly. Also what are the plans after 30 and retired??. One more thing before I go... you will be dangerous 60 hours or more as an ICU nurse. What kind of care are you providing?? You will get hired placed in a internship in a hospital ICU, work there for 6 months, you will think you have learned enough to get by and then you will be unleashed to the unsuspecting public. Working agency after agency. Very Sad!!! U work with nurses like that all the time. Only looking for the paycheck. Oh well!!! I hope your other classmates are not like you:uhoh3: