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  1. Hello. I'm searching for information about an endorsement to Guam. I got some information on the website of Guam nursing board. But I have some questions about it. 1. Is there someone to transfer to Guam outside of U.S.? They requ...
  2. Lily0711

    License by Endorsement (NY to NJ & Foreign Graduates)

    Thank you for your detailed post. It'll be really helpful for me. And I have some question. Did you submit your high school transcript? If you did, did you send it to BON or school send it directly? Was it okay if you process CGFNS CES report b...
  3. Lily0711

    Rn Endorsement

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It'll be helpful when I endorse my licence from NY to NJ. I graduated college not in america too. So your post is great for me. Can I ask you something when I have question about endorsement?