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  1. WhatEmergency

    New grad moving to DC

    I don't work for any of the hospitals in DC, but I have been transporting patients to many of the hospitals as a paramedic for a few years now. My information/observations come from that. 1. I know several nurses who drive an hour or more for their commute. Northern Maryland, eastern West Virginia, and Delaware are all places I know nurses commute from. If you're looking for immediate suburbs, I would suggest a place with reasonable metro access. Even though you're so geographically close, travel during higher traffic times can make it take 40 minutes to travel a mile up the road. Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, Rockville, and Silver Spring all have nice areas. Do your due diligence when checking out a new area. 2. I can't speak to much, but WHC has a published pay scale you can view from their contract. I've heard anecdotally that childrens pays less than others. 3. Medstar is the trauma service for Washington Hospital Center. WHC and GW are both very busy and have large patient loads per nurse at times. If you're interested in peds, there is Childrens National. Nurses I've spoken to seem happy there. Sibley is in north west and the ER seems nice. Other places with ERs that aren't as large are the VA, Georgetown, Howard University, and United Medical Center. Speaking solely as someone from the outside, I would never work at the latter 2 regardless of pay.
  2. WhatEmergency

    Quit while on orientation

    Take the job you want. Full stop. You should always do your best to fulfill your obligation to your current employer, and work out a notice they request by policy. In reality, that isn't always possible. Do not lose an opportunity over a formality to a company! If the roles were reversed, the entity would let you go with minimal notice or concern. Managers should understand, we're all humans with ever changing circumstances. Anyone who doesn't has unrealistic expectations. Good luck in the new job!
  3. WhatEmergency

    Frederick Community College 2018

    I didn't find the TEAS particularly hard. I brushed up on the math since it had been a while since I'd had a traditional math class. The questions you've asked about the days and times of classes I believe vary by semester and year, therefore I don't know what they are.
  4. WhatEmergency

    Frederick Community College 2018

    Hello everyone! I have been accepted into FCC's RN transition program for 2018-2020. I will be entering as a second year day option student in the Fall of 2019. I am looking for past/recent graduates to provide some feedback based on their experiences. It looks like the second year has two courses a semester, each of which is scheduled on the same day of the week. It looks like there will be one day of in person class on top of clinicals. How many days a week did you spend in clinicals? In general how many days a week were you on campus/at a clinical site if you stacked your classroom time on the same day? Just looking to rough out my schedule for next year to help me make some work decisions in the meantime! I'm very excited and any information/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. WhatEmergency

    What do you know about this hospital?

    I do not work for UMC, but in the course of one of my jobs I interact with the ER staff regularly. I can give you a little insight from that perspective. I can not give input on any other units. I will say the culture and overall lack of professionalism there is unlike anything I have ever seen. There has been a lot of staff turnover lately, so maybe that will change. I know they are VERY busy with low acuity patients that come in daily, or even multiple times a day. I am hesitant to say too much on a public forum. I STRONGLY suggest you take a trip there and speak to current employees for their perspective. Personally, that would be the last hospital in DC I would work for.