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Hoosier_RN has 28 years experience as a MSN and specializes in dialysis.

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  1. Hoosier_RN

    Hoyer Lift

    There is only 1 person in a home, at a time, to a case in home health for cost containment reasons
  2. Anyone who uses the Do Not Disturb feature on their phones has a super secret bat phone number. Thought that you knew! I got rid of the bat phone, and just made a "let through" list. Cheaper to maintain
  3. Hoosier_RN

    Hardest Thing to Learn

    You can sedate it though 😉 Hardest lesson:;For me, it was separating working relationships from my personal. I no longer socialize with coworkers. I'm friendly, but professional, and need that separation to keep myself fresh. I've found that if I hang out with work chums, all we talk about is work, and this just adds to the feelings of 28 years that are not the same as my feelings when I began years ago. I surround myself with people who share my other interests
  4. I've done MDS, and most require experience. Also, because of care plan meetings and family meetings d/t CMS, you are required to be there for those. MDS isn't an easy job to learn, if you miss one thing, you lose $$$, and generally can't go back to recapture
  5. Then why even start this thread? Please don't answer. This was strictly rhetorical
  6. See my above reply
  7. A call from staff to the DON would be appropriate. It sounds like the DON needs to make a call schedule with all nursing management type positions--except possibly MDS, unless there is more than 1 MDS person in your facility--taking a place in the rotation, DON included. This way it's fairly distributed. And everyone gets a feel for who's got a handle on things and who doesn't. I would suggest it, then insist upon it
  8. Thanks for saying what I couldn't find the nicer words to say. I'd start typing and it sounded so mean and crass that I couldn't finish. I also believe that the OP is very attention seeking and/or has self awareness and self esteem issues. It's now beyond cringeworthy.
  9. Not realistic. They'll just start calling/texting from their cells. Do a "do not disturb", then you specifically select who can reach you
  10. 1) If you aren't on call you aren't responsible. 2) you almost make it sound like you're trying to win a popularity contest. You won't. If you don't have to respond, put a do not disturb on your phone for the night with the out going "nurse sue is on call tonight, please contact her for answers to your questions" and activate a list (family, friends, other managers) who aren't blocked in case of a true emergency. 3) again, you allow this, then complain. You can't have it both ways. Set boundaries, and keep them. You will earn respect. Being a doormat does not. It doesn't mean you can't help others
  11. Most LTCs can effectively deal with issues that come up. Antibiotics, pain control, respiratory issues. The last few that I worked at, no one went to the hospital unless chest pain, MI or stroke symptoms, and that was only for dx, possible short stay-if that, then sent back to tx/rehab
  12. Stop answering phone/text/messaging when not on call. If not, you are inviting this to happen, so no cause to blame others
  13. You're coworkers do this to you because they know that you'll do the work. Stop. Or, stop complaining on here if you're going to continue to do it. Your last 20 or so threads have the same theme. My answer: people will only walk on you if you allow it. Case closed...
  14. Hoosier_RN

    Pathway to Wound Care Nursing

    I have experience in ICU and med surg. My WOC was originally paid for by my hospital. I went to HH/hospice and used it, but let it lapse because it's high $$$ to get and maintain, those companies wouldn't pay up front, would have you pay, then reimburse in increments. The LTC where I worked paid for classes to renew to the tune of about $3000. That was 4 years ago. I'm letting it lapse, as in dialysis, we don't do wound care, but send out referrals to the wound clinics. It's expensive to do on your own dime. Without experience in wound care, the creds don't matter. I would let any potential employer know during interview that you are interested in wound care. This way, they can help you develop once hired
  15. Hoosier_RN

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    I just puked in my mask 😷
  16. Hoosier_RN

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    But that's not considered full time. Eventually it will end, we hope. New grads in my area are doing it for around the same amount hourly, but most know it's only a temporary job