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  1. Hi nurse friends! I'm currently licensed in PA (just renewed it) but I'm looking to move to Rhode Island this winter. I submitted the verification of license/endorsement form from Pa back in July and did the fingerprints for RI in August. Right now, my RI license info says 'pending'. Just curious if anyone has an idea of how long it typically takes for the license info to go through and become official? Thanks!
  2. kait1514833

    Chop nurse residency 2018

    I applied for 2018 residency the first day it opened, heard back the next day to do a video interview. Within about a week of submitting it, I got another email saying I was moving forward to the "New RN Talent Pool" and would get an interview with a hiring manager when something opens up. Unfortunately, they say there's no set timeline, only that you're in the pool for a year. It's been about 3 weeks since that email, so I'm hoping something will come up soon. Good luck everyone!