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    bryanleo9 got a reaction from gaylarn4 in Seeking advice of correctional nurses   
    In California, you won't know what crimes the inmates have committed as this information is not in the electric medical records system. I don't want to know and I treat everyone the same. Respect goes a long way in prison s d so does being consistent.
    But one must realize were they work and the potential danger of the prison system. Riots , murders, staff assauls and batteries....drug overdoses......I have seen it all. Prison is never the same monotonous experience day after day. It is exciting and that's why I will retire from the department of corrections.
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    bryanleo9 got a reaction from Dodongo, APRN, NP in Provide clinical sites and preceptors   
    I really hope this works out. One of my main deterants to getting my NP is having to call clinics and beg them to precept me for free. Or having to pay a preceptor matching site thousands of dollars to try to place me.....no guarantee of course.
    I recently talked to a guy completing his np at a school that doesn't place students with preceptors. He said the class brought up this initiative and the schools solution to this is to have the students submit a list of the clincs they were able to beg their way into, and the school will give that list to future 2019 students. This is a joke and I hope students start reporting programs that give you a list of clinics that others have begged there way into as "clinical placement."
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    bryanleo9 got a reaction from NRSKarenRN, BSN in 1st NP Job: Pain Management, bad move?   
    Pain management is a tough practice, especially in this day and age with the "opoid epidemic" we hear so much about. Even though a good portion of the overdose deaths are from injecting these opiates into veins....the stigma with the pills sticks around. The government seems to be cranking up the crackdowns on narcotic prescriptions.
    The patients you will see will be a mix of legit and flat out drug addicts. The latter is a population we see a lot in prison. Guess where these drug addicts tell me they will be going when they parole? Yes, a pain clinic near you.
    You need to get experience so I understand looking into the job. The population can wear out staff. So many times you will hear how they are "allergic to everything but narcotics.". You will be told how they will sue you if you don't give them want they need. I am done with this population after dealing with them for years.
    If it's all you can find I would take it for a while . The pain clinic here is hiring all the time and that's a red flag.
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    bryanleo9 got a reaction from nease_225 in Experience for PMHNP   
    As we recommend to all people wanting to pursue a psyciayric mental health nurse practitioner certificate, please get real experience in the field. Volunteer in an acute inpatient psych unit and see if this is the patient population you can handle or want to spend a career in.
    Violent Headbangers who try to knock their doors down with their head, flesh and feces eaters, people that will insert anything they can get their hands on into their various body holes....this is real acure psych and the self injurious behavior is seen in outpatient as well. Definitely talk to Psyciayric NP and psychiatrists who have worked so hard treating depression only to have their patient commit suicide. I have 8 years experience in the field and have seen everything listed above. Before dropping a lot of money in tuition please see what it's like first hand.
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    bryanleo9 reacted to JackChase1212, BSN, RN in Walden University Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner   
    Hello, I am knee deep in Walden's PMHNP program and can offer insights into the curriculum. I am overall very happy with the quality of the program so far. It is very challenging as it should be. I started out in the FNP track and moved into the PMHNP after careful consideration. It is true that the school does not assist in securing practicum sites, however, when I was researching the school before I enrolled I did see a lot of complaints regarding this issue. I was aware so I'm not complaining about it now. You need to be highly motivated to be successful in this program. No doubt about it. As for the assignment...there are weekly discussion posts, weekly quizzes, and many papers. There have also been group projects, and video assignments. The coursework alone is incredibly demanding, and when you add the process of securing a preceptorship on top, it can be a little overwhelming.  I start my practicum in August so I cannot speak to the communication level between mentor and preceptor yet. Simply stated, if I could not do an online program I would not be able to obtain the degree so I am ecstatic with the opportunity. Hope the information helps.
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    bryanleo9 got a reaction from SobreRN in Pain control   
    Gabapentin was one of the most abused drugs in prison. They snort it and shoot it. It should have been removed long ago. Many drug addict inmates will say and do anything for narcotics, even break their own fingers. There are far too many narcotics in the prison system and they result in a great amount of violence when drug debts aren't paid on time.