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  1. bryanleo9

    United States university FNP

    Great to hear!
  2. bryanleo9

    Another "Thrown to The Wolves" Preceptor Search

    Another thing is consider committing. I drove 2 hours away to finish my BSN every Friday for 3.5 years. It was totally worth it and would do the same to advance my education in the future. Look at finding placement away from your area.
  3. bryanleo9

    Another "Thrown to The Wolves" Preceptor Search

    As far as advise, I would definitely show up the the clinics in person. Have a nice letter that explains your program and what your objective is ( to find a quality preceptor). And as stated above, offer to financially compensate them for their time and experience. They deserve that and of course the schools should be there ones to be paying them. The times we are in are extremely competitive. Markets everywhere have a plethora of NP students. In my area, the NP jobs are few and far between. That, and many are offering less money than I make now as an RN. The market here is one of the worst from what I see. I wouldn't give up until you have exhausted all your options and tried everything.
  4. bryanleo9

    Another "Thrown to The Wolves" Preceptor Search

    I hope it works out for you. The Sawyer Initiative that passsed recently gave us some hope of the schools finding clinical placement. Reality is I have called four different universities and all of them said they will not find clinical placement for their students. Online or brick and mortar, it is all the same. Schools do not respect the Sawyer Initiative. And they won't until entire classes start reporting them. Students are forced to sit out semesters waiting to find a preceptor, any preceptor location they can beg thier way into. That or they break down and use a paid preceptor site. Personally, I would cut out the middle man, and donate nicely to have a quality NP precept me.
  5. Thank you. Keep us updated.
  6. Thanks for that. Anything in the FNP program that you didn't like to make you switch?
  7. bryanleo9

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    Great to hear.